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My name is Mark Mancini, and I regretfully say that I've only been an atheist for the past few months. I've been an avid paleontology nerd all of my life, and am currently a freshman student of the subject at Mesalands Community College in Tucumcari, NM. Like many of you, I was raised as a Christian (an Episcopalian to be specific), and for years I was able to reconcile my faith with my science and considered myself to be a 'theistic evolutionist' of sorts. I frequently ran into conflicts with creationists (and I still do I'm afraid), but somehow, no matter how vehemently I opposed their fundamentalism, I still clung to my belief in the Abrahamic god.

My final separation from Christianity occurred shortly after my arrival at college. I started out going to church on a regular basis, and then I simply realized that, as a busy student, I no longer had the time to do so. I started questioning my faith more and more until I arrived at a shocking epiphany: by maintaining my religion, no matter how liberal my views were, I was willingly erecting walls around my mind and my imagination. At first, I tried to reject this idea, but I rapidly realized that I couldn't go on living such a lie and thus, I became a deist. Eventually, as I increasingly pondered the subject, I evolved from a deist to an atheist.

I'm not sorry that I've abandoned the religion of my indoctrination, and if anything, I'm relieved by the freedom of thought provided by my mind knows no boundaries and no subject is taboo. I've come out to my parents, both of whom consider my new secular mindset to be merely a 'phase'.

Anyway, that's my story. For those nosy individuals at large, here's a list of random, useless, facts about yours truly:

-I'm absolutely addicted to theatre, having performed in such shows as "Little shop of Horrors", "The Wiz", and "Arsenic & Old lace" to name a few.
-I'm shamelessly eccentric.
-I celebrate such holidays as "Gorilla Suit Day" (January 31st) and "International Talk Like A Pirate Day" (September 19th).
-Despite being a mere 6'1" in height, I wear size 16 shoes, which are frequently the subject of jokes amongst my various associates.
-I'm bisexual, though like many bisexuals, I do have a "preference", in my case for women. However, I frequently feel strong sexual attraction to members of my own sex as well, though not nearly as often.

If you're curious about what I'm up to, visit my blog at



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I freaking love Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Welcome aboard, matey!
Oi'll be thankin' ye, me heartie!!
Hello Mark. It is amazing what epiphanies that occurs throughout your life.
Little Shop has GOT to be my all-time favorite musical, and that's saying quite a lot!! I played Orin Scrivello, D.D.S., and it was easily one of the most awesome parts I've ever had (even if he wasn't around very long...).
I'm glad te see that thar's a few wenches such as ye' self who parrticipate in Intarr-national Talk Like A Pirate day!!
Hi Mark!
I love this introduction, it really paints a vivid picture of you! I can relate to your parents' response because I've been told that my beliefs are just a "phase" as well haha! I can't wait to join you in 'International Talk Like A Pirate Day' this year :) Best Wishes!




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