So who around here uses twitter?

Post your profiles and we can follow and help each other around when possible ;)

I'm here:


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I'm jack_carlson on Twitter and jeber on Friendfeed. I spend more time on FF than Twitter these days, since I can monitor Twitter from FF.
Yah, I too have the same username everywhere :)

I'm on friendfeed too but I usually reserve that for actual friends. D'you think it'd be a good idea to connect from there as well? Won't it get a bit cluttered?
I have to agree. I can't figure out why anyone would care what I was doing moment to moment or why I would have any desire to know that about someone else. I must be missing something.
It's generally useful for friends or acquaitances. For example, I tend to twit when I just want to say something that I don't think warrants a blogpost. Short questions, shouts, messages to friends that might be listening, small rants.

Generally it helps take out some load off my mind :)
To tell the truth I wasn't using it so much before. However the most useful feature for me is the replies.

Think of it like the collective "wall" of the internet.

If you have Firefox, use the TwitterFox add-on, it's wonderful and makes it soooo easy and keeps it out of the way. <3

As for the point of twitter, there really isn't a point. It's just a cute little thing that pops up and tells you about the people you're interested in. It's also great for linking to new posts, or when you want to link friends to random little things you find.

I prefer twitterbar personally. Just type in your locationbar and go. :)

I'll give twitterfox a try as well
I've opened a tag to bookmark all the atheists in twitter. If you fnid any new ones, just add them under twitter_atheists and then others can find them as well.
I am at

I literally JUST signed up like 10 minutes ago, saw a segment about it on DiggNation podcast. Guess it will be cool for quick updates for friends and family on how things are..? Still new to the usage.
If you also add the rest of us, you'll be able to see what fellow atheists are saying and perhaps helps each other out :)
i'm on there at
Okay, I'm going to give it a try. I can be found at




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