So who around here uses twitter?

Post your profiles and we can follow and help each other around when possible ;)

I'm here:


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I only recently joined too.
I'm Buffy2q on Twitter. I'm afraid I don't check in there all that often though (maybe once a week or so). Maybe I should pop in more frequently. is me on twitter. I hope you guys don't mind, I added all of you, because I am still looking for others who have interests in this area.

I don't use it often, but I'm there. I don't have much 'net time left over after rambling around Atheist Nexus.

This would be the only Team Followback worth following back... LOL

Find me @!/SilverAgatka

Hope you'll find my tweets somehow amusing x / JonelB

For all your nerdy activism and rage-filled tweet needs.

I am a member of Facebook and frankly wish I hadnt joined.

I dont know what these websites do with your personal information and it's rather alarming to see how easy it is to get personal information (for a fee) on others.

Does Twitter have any advantages over Facebook?




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