I have a black dog named Buddy. Not sure what kind he is. His previous owners didnt know either. So well that left me not knowing.

I have him because I am a dog person. I plan to have many more in the future :D

How about you?

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I found my Moggy in a six inch pipe under a bridge at the beginning of January. I listened to him meow all day before I could locate him (it's in a weird place). I have no idea how he got there but he couldn't get away because of the foot of freezing water rushing beneath him--he was such a tiny kitten. His tail was a mess, all bloody and mangled. So we got him, cleaned him up, fed him, and took him to the vet as soon as we could. We'd planned on finding him a home, but tests revealed he's got that damned feline leukemia, which is pretty much a death sentence. We've probably got about 5 years tops. You just can't give sick cats away, and no one will take one. Shelters will put them down as soon as they get them. So, he's ours now, and we'll give him the best quality of life as long as we possibly can. The Boyfriend very allergic but we're getting by. :) At the moment, he's like any other healthy kitten-going-on-cat. He's turned out to be a wonderful cat--lots of personality--and we love him.
FLV is pretty unpredictable. My mother had her FLV+ Siamese cat, Minx, for over 12 years and the only problem he had was a tendency to be susceptible to infections, like URIs and UTIs. Aside from that, his life was really quite normal. Good luck with the little guy--you're doing a very, very good thing in keeping him. :)
Currently I'm sharing my house with three cats, 2 adopted from a girl who was moving and couldn't keep them and one who was a feral momma cat at my old house. The former-feral is named Mouse, and it took me 3 years to get her domesticated. Now she's a happy, spayed house cat.

This is the fewest number of pets I've had in nearly 30 years. I'm used to living dogs, cats, snakes, fish and ferrets. Other species fascinate me as much as humans do, and they're easier to live with. ;)
I agree that animals are much easier to live with than people sometimes.

I posted a picture in the other discussion of my three.

I have a lab, sharpei, greyhound mix dog. He is big, black and fast. We got him from a local rescue. The night we brought him home he coughed all night long. Took him to the vet the next morning and he stayed there over the weekend with pneumonia. He probably couldn't figure out why we would bring him home then leave him somewhere else. I have my wihite poodle Bear. My neighbors brother gave him to me. Then in February we rescued Tweak, the Shih Tzu Chihuahua mix. He's the yapper.
Oh they sound cute. :) I don't think I've seen a lab-sharpei-greyhound mix; but then I'd never seen a shar-pei until a couple months ago. :)
I just adore big gentle animals like horses and cows but since I can't have either one of those I went for the closest city-dwelling creature, a great dane. :) I've read they had a reputation for being a docile, obedient, low-energy breed...Bono has lived up to that reputation quite well.
I have an English Bull Terrier. She's our second bullie and is FULL of the dickens. Bullies are often described as two year olds in a dog suit, and that suits her to a T. She had a very limited life in her early years and is making up for it since I got her a year and a half ago.

Why do I have her? OH... she makes me laugh ... she's a challenge and when my training actually pays off I feel a great sense of success. She's also obsessive and has some weird habits like leaf eating - but I have learned to relax about it and maybe she is teaching me to be more patient

I also have 5 chickens at the moment. The oldest is a 6 year old Dominique named Ripple. Two are Norwegian Jaerhons (a rare breed) named One and Two and the last 2 are just mutts named Black and White. Very imaginative names I know. Originally I got them for fresh eggs and now everyone is so old I only get an egg or two a week. Will probably add some new chicks next spring or look for some adult chickens this fall.
I've got two cats (brothers from the same litter), mainly me and cats share a lot of qualities, playfulness, laziness, a compulsion to lick oneself... waitaminute!
We have four cats - three strays and one from the SPCA. I have photos of them here here. I also have a blind, one-eyed horse.
When my husband and I finally moved out of our apartment the first thing on our list of things to do was to get a dog. We wanted a lab, thought them to be SO cute and loving, a trip to the Human Society was planned. That weekend we drove over, it must have been a good day for us, there were 3 labs to choose from! We were put in a room for interacting and began our 2 hour visit....
The first lab we saw came galloping in drooling and whining and jumping around. She was really cute but after 15 minutes she just didn't calm down. The 2nd lab we interacted with was an older dog...with a leaky eye and bumps all over his skin, the lady said he would probably need medical care and wouldn't be available for a few months. The last lab we saw was very friendly, so much so that when I got down to extend my hand/rub his chest he latched on and humped away...my husband looked at me and told me he saw a beagle in the holding area he wanted to interact with. I was doubtful, thought of beagles not as house pets but field dogs...and they weren't as fuzzy and cute as the labs!
The first time I laid eyes on our Buddy I knew I was wrong about the breed. He came in, not to excited, eager to sniff us and when I spoke to him he stopped and cocked his head and furrowed his brow as if listening to every word I said, I melted. We brought him into our home 4 days later and another 6 months passed until we created a forever home for another rescue beagle named Max.

I want one more ! :)
We had a mutt, Snoopy, who was part beagle among many other things. He passed away 8 years ago, but I've never forgotten him. Big dog with floppy ears, spots and a white line down to his nose. I've often thought about getting a beagle or mix-beagle one day. They are so cute. :)
I have 3 Chihuahuas...Fidel(male), Reina(Female), and their son Pablo. I have them because I am 110% a dog person! Plus, I am permanently disabled due to a spinal cord injury so I am home alone all day and my 3 amigos keep me company!




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