why is the sky blue?
why is the grass green?
why does the gulf have salty water?
why do sharks eat people?
why why why why why
these qeustions are hard to answer
there are lots of other questions but these are the ones
i was asked
if you have a question with a hard answer ask it anyway
someone will always find an answer that leads to more questions to your question

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these qeustions are hard to answer

I wouldn't say that...
Asking questions that lead to more questions, I think that's a great starting point for knowledge to begin. Questions are usually fairly simple, the right answers are not usually as simple. However I believe I might be able to help out on a few of those.

Why is the sky blue?

I believe the basic answer is the its due to how the various wavelengths of light gets absorb and scattered by the atmospheric gases, however I admit I don't really know the specifics of it.

why is the grass green?

"Chlorophyll" - its a simple answer but I think its why all plant life is basically green on earth, I do remember watching a science program talking about how if our sun produced a different kind of light (ie if it was more towards the blue or red ends of the spectrum) that the plant life might actually be a different base colour based on the kind of light it needs to absorb to gather energy.

why does the gulf have salty water?

Dissolved minerals from rivers and other sources collect in seas and oceans, the minerals are then concentrated by the constant evaporation of the ocean(s) top layer of water. I think this is the basics of it if I remember right, however this one I am again not sure of.

why do sharks eat people?

Do they? Shark attacks I feel are blown completely out of proportion, sharks don't eat people at least not specifically, we are not on their diet/menu. Most attacks are probably a case of mistaken identity, ie, the shark thought you looked like something it recognized as food. Go watch shark week on discovery channel for more information, there should be one coming soon since they haven't run one in about 2-3 months lol.
ok then but there are questions that have hard answers like trying to explain were babies come from to a 5 year old now thats hard
It depends "how" you explain. There is a huge different & level of explanation & language when conversing to a 5 year old vs a evo-bio scientist with dozen of years of experience...

It's not a matter of the question being HARD in this case, but how you approach explaining it. Just your audience is... I won't say "stupid", but "underdeveloped" would fit better.

It's like you can't go from 1st grade to getting a masters degree... You need to develop prerequisites to advance.
like trying to explain were babies come from to a 5 year old now thats hard

Just sit 'em down and whack on the Alien movies.

I always thought the Aliens boxed set would be an ideal gift for an expectant mother's baby shower.
Greatest Idea EVER
You know Jabartis reply makes me want to answer also. So here goes it:

why is the sky blue?

Because oxygen tends to give a blue tint. This can only be noticed because there is so much oxygen to go through.

why is the grass green?

Because it has chlorophyll which it needs to convert light into energy. That is what defines the plant kingdom.

why does the gulf have salty water?

Ask your mother.

why do sharks eat people?

Sharks eat because they have to to survive. Sharks usually kill only what it smaller than a portion of its own body. Great whites do occasionally attack and kill people, and that is only because it is a large shark. But they usually prefer not to bother. They want an animal that has a lot of fat, like walruses, and certain fish.

why why why why why

I think we need to send you to the doctor to see what pills will stop this.
It's better to ask a question than assume an answer.
assuming gives you possible outcomes to future actions

like if i assumed that my boyfriend was cheating on me and i broke up with him and then i found out he wasnt later on in life i would know not to assume but to ask (if that makes any sense at all)
3 guys go and stay at a hotel its 30 dollars the clerk takes the money and gives them a room...the clerk made a mistake and they paid 5 dollars to much so the clerk had the maintanence guy go up to the room and give them the 5 dollars the maintanence guy says wait theres only 3 of them and 5 dollars so he takes 2 and gives the 3 guys the 3 dollars so in reality the only paid 27 dollars because they really only paid nine if they got 3 back so 9 times 3 is 27 plus the 2 the maintanence guy took is 29 so wheres the other dollar? (i think i spelled maintanence wrong)
They paid 35 dollars, not 30.
no it was 30 i think anyway that was how it was told to me....still i dont know what the answer is


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