How many have DA accounts here? It seems more and more people from both and this site gives me a "hi", so I wonder, who here would officially dare showing their sites?

Mine is

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I'd dare!

Mine is here.

And this is my blog about art, atheism and evolution, The Flying Trilobite.

Molly is adorable, LeaT.
You have some cool art, I really envy artists. While I understand the beauty written texts can have, there is something special with visual art. You also remind me of the official artist who made the artwork for Alien (the movie series). I can't remember his name right now.
I have a deviantart , but it's kinda just an art/photo dump...
If you want to see it, I use the same name there that I use here.
I have a dA. Its mostly classwork and a lot of old stuff, goes back to my sophomore year of high school.

Old name too, I only used this alias once:
I don't have deviations of my own yet, but I do have favourites:
Oh, BTW, some of that's NSFW.
Meeee, me, pick me!

Man, for an art student I sure don't have much nice art up.
Fun stuff to see, you are all so good, I really want to improve my drawing too >./body>




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