How many have DA accounts here? It seems more and more people from both and this site gives me a "hi", so I wonder, who here would officially dare showing their sites?

Mine is

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ooops... misunderstood. I DO deviant art, just don't have any on DeviantArt... perhaps I should...
I'm whisperelmwood

You can find my Art Blog here as well. Though that hasn't been updated recently.

I kinda suck and I don't really have any atheist-themed stuff. I do plan to do some for the "Breaking The Molds" project, though.

Highlights include WALL-E fanart, nature/plant/pet photography, A Weighted Companion Cube sculpture, and some crappy childlike drawing skills.

I've got cool collections in my favorites, though: Portal Fanart, Feminist Art, Rad Redheads, Costumes/Clothing/Cosplay, Bone Fanart, and WALL-E Fanart.
I don't have a DA, but my SA is here.

The account name is the best thing ever.

Right now, it just has my desktop and some spritework. Much more to come.
I'm on dA:

Just mainly pictures of flowers and bad sketches. LOL

Great work!  I have been putting off getting my DeviantArt page....but this is inspiring me to do so.

thanks for the peeks!

I'm at

Val Triumph was an old pen name. I've more recently used HumanistRuth at social sites.

I used to have one. But, I browsed more than I post. I found myself looking for bad art more than looking for the good art. Sometimes the art there is downright hilarious.
Je suis un membre de DeviantArt.

is my stuff...i find it to be a slow, confusingly designed website but I did put a few things in there to have a presence.

I use as my and can be found by my pseudonym VorlonGuyverOss.  My oldest daughter uses DeviantArt.




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