What's with circumcision in the bible? I can't remember because I don't read the bible regularly, only when I want to prove a point, but I think it's in Judges where god goes to Abraham and tells him and his sons to get circumcized. Can anyone explain why mutilating yourself gets you closer to god? I mean we pitch a fit when women get circumcized why is it socially acceptable to do the same thing to men?

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when I was being raised I remember asking the same questions. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that it actually decreases a baby's chance of getting urinary tract infections. Does anyone know whether that's actually true or not? (Time to hit Google). Not that that would have anything to do with getting closer to god, of course.

I would assume that it's considered socially acceptable for men to get circumcised because men are seen as being in the dominant position socially and therefore it seems less like oppression or mutilation and more like something funny to laugh at in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Of course, that makes little sense, but how much sense does believing in god make?


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