I know not everyone is keen on posting pics of their little ones on the net. But if you are so inclined please do.

I have to get mine to bed now but I'll be back later to add a couple pics.

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What a handsome little man! He reminds me of my munchkin, though yours has more teeth! :-)
Cheers, Dawn. I'm so digging JD's pinecone phone! Hayden has a door stop mobile he likes to use...lol

This is my godless heathen: Dante, 2 years
LOL, what a character. I especially love the Misfits T.
Thanks. He loves classic Misfits. =)
This is Dagmar, at 26 weeks 6 days of pregnancy. I'm now 34 weeks. :)

Mine is turning one in 2 months and 1 day, so I'm right there with you. I guess the cliche 'where did the time go' had to get started somewhere! I will probably cry on his first birthday :(

My wildchilds, Bonnie and Xander:
My Lads

Umm yip, they're inseperable. Not sure how healthy this is, but we don't make any particular effort to keep them together nor seperate them. I hope just leaving them to develop without interference is the best choice.

This is my 8 year old daughter Aislinn. I think she might be an alien. The first two pics are from a camping trip we took to Bankhead National Forest, the last one is from the renaissance faire in Florence, AL.
Cute and fun. Good combination.
It's good to see more men are getting the option to be the 'primary' care giver.
Staying home for a year was truly a gift because of the one on one time with my child.




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