I know not everyone is keen on posting pics of their little ones on the net. But if you are so inclined please do.

I have to get mine to bed now but I'll be back later to add a couple pics.

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Oh my gosh! She is adorable. Congratulations to you and mom!
My daughter

I take a picture every week in about the same pose (at 2yo it is difficult to get her to stand still so sometimes it is an action shot, the 109 pictures I already have are really great, between 2 there is not much difference but the progress is amazing. If we have another kid I will definitely do the same.
I'm trying to embed a pic but AN won't upload the file.
These are my daughters, Mallory (right) age 11 and Casey (left) age 15.
Ok for some reason the picture didn't post. I'm new to this site so it might take me some time to figure it out lol.

Here are some pictures of my beautiful girls. These pictures are from 2 years ago (when they were 6 and 5).
Your younger girl is so cute in that picture and your older girl looks so much older than 6 all dressed up like that. Beautiful.
Thank you.

Yeah, she looks like she's 6 going on 16 :-)

She's also very smart and her memory is as sharp as a tack.

I finally got it! Yeah! My oldest has also joined this site.
Yay, glad you got it figured out.

Beautiful girls. I hope Casey likes the site :)
This is Alexander, yesterday afternoon. 21 months old. So far, the only belief he has is that I'll give in to him on everything unconnected to the word "dangerous."
Cute! Someone has daddy wrapped around his little finger 'eh?




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