I figured I'd start this thread to see what people want to see added/changed to the site to make it more accessible and fun to use for everybody.

I'm in no way affiliated with Atheist Nexus, just figured that some creative discussion would be helpful for the creators and users alike.

My initial suggestion? A more comprehensive search for members based on location/age/etc. But I figure this is already on the way.

What would you guys and gals like to see?

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Hurrah, thank you for adding all the cool group features! :)
I'll 'third' this suggestion!
To everyone who agrees: Vote it up!
Being able to search for members by city/state/region would be nice. :)
The Widgets need to be able to change the colours in order for people to be able to merge them better on their sites ;)
Minor quibble:
I got a unicode-character in my "Profile-Name" - the "ä". When generating an e-mail adress to use here the "ä" simply will be omited instead of being "translated" to an "ae" or simply "a" as would usually be the case. I don't know yet if this does/could affect other features as well.
I should add that using "<.<" smileys don't work, they feck up the html of the page.

I did a smiley and got up the "" body tag at the end of the sentence.
</ body >

I meant.
I second the search for members based on location/age/etc. This could be an amazing tool for local communities of atheists and freethinkers to form.
I am unable to accept friend requests. When I click on the link "Click here to view your friend requests." it takes me to the top of the page, and nothing happens. The link is pointing to http://www.atheistnexus.org/profile/Elze# . I would guess that there may be a Javascript function that's supposed to be called when I click on this link, but if so, that's not happening. This bug exists in both Firefox and IE, and yes, I have Javascript turned on in both of them.
A field under our profile for instant messaging screennames would be nice.
How about site-based notifications for forum replies?
Edit: (And not just for discussions you've started.)




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