I figured I'd start this thread to see what people want to see added/changed to the site to make it more accessible and fun to use for everybody.

I'm in no way affiliated with Atheist Nexus, just figured that some creative discussion would be helpful for the creators and users alike.

My initial suggestion? A more comprehensive search for members based on location/age/etc. But I figure this is already on the way.

What would you guys and gals like to see?

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Perhaps it's just a temporary thing but, I typed in a couple names that were right in front of me on the members page and didn't get any search results.

Improved (and working) search would be appreciated.
The ability to edit group information after they have been submitted.Besides perhaps the name, I don't see why other information about groups should be static. There may well be a way to do this, but if so, I don't know how. I created a group for Portland Oregon and left the other information blank hoping to come back to it later, but I can't find a button to do this.

The site is awesome, and I am excited to make some new friends. Thanks a lot.

I had the same problem with Firefox, the site was laggy and scrolling was horribly unsmooth.

The new themes are nice, but at the moment it seems that they only apply to My Page. Would it be possible for the user to change the appearance of the whole site to her liking? The dark background is starting to hurt my eyes a little.

Other than that, great work so far!
Hi, Calla:

Thanks for your post! At this time, we don't have the ability to let users control the appearance of the whole site. When we set out to select a color and theme, we knew that it would be difficult to choose just the right colors for everyone. Please bear with us. Would it help if we changed the text color to white?

I guess I'll survive. :P The site looks nice as it is. Thanks for replying though, nice to know that there's someone who cares!
Change the original CSS *cough* There are so many great choices you can use instead, I just figure that light blue and white might be good for other forums but I just feel it doesn't suit us.
Ok, can you make so we can link to Youtube? The hyperlink choice isn't advanced enough. Even a normal link disappears.
WYSIWYG is already here and non-allowed html can be fixed by editing. Preview is also not needed since we have editing methinks.
As for your other two suggestions

Thanks, Marty! I agree - this archive is good. I will add it to our friends list.
Group pages need a prominent "Join Group" button. As it is, I need to try to start a discussion to get the option to join.
I would like to see a member list for groups.
I agree with this. Having a comments section ("wall") for groups would be nice as well.




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