I figured I'd start this thread to see what people want to see added/changed to the site to make it more accessible and fun to use for everybody.

I'm in no way affiliated with Atheist Nexus, just figured that some creative discussion would be helpful for the creators and users alike.

My initial suggestion? A more comprehensive search for members based on location/age/etc. But I figure this is already on the way.

What would you guys and gals like to see?

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I'd like to see a forum category called "Activism" or "Action Alerts" that could be used for members to post material on which others could take action (e.g., voting in polls, writing letters to the editor or elected officials, etc.). Seems like it could be useful.
In Firefox 3, the Contact button is pushed down to a second line. The page needs to be wider, or the margins need to come down. Default theme. Doesn't happen for the theme on my profile page.
I'd like there to be an "edit" button in here. Sometimes I fuck up my own posts or make idiotic spelling mistakes and there's no way of correcting them as far as I see.

edit: I just found the "edit your comment" thing lol...but, hey, why does it has to have a timer?
I need a "preview" button. :(
I have been thinking that you should be able to check a person who sends you a friend request before you must accept it (since the search function is as I still know down).

Sometimes you get requests from people you have no idea of who they are, and it's nice to know if it's a random person, an idiot or someone you knows before you press that "accept" button.
There seems to be no way to leave a group! We definitely need a way to do that.
First.... the "Find Members" still doesn't work properly. I search by one gender and both genders still appear in the results. (You may talk amongst yourselves why I might want this feature to work.)

Second... do you need a developer? I'm pretty good at coding. I'd like to become a feature admin. (If this site is written in PHP or Python, I'm your man.)
I think the home page should include the Atheist Blogroll. Perhaps underneath the "Our Friends" section. You can see it in action on several atheist blogs, here it is on mine (I swear this isn't a shameless plug) http://axisofjared.blogspot.com/

Join the best atheist themed blogroll!

Ok everyone imminent close of thread. If you want to suggest an idea please use the Support Site so that we can track it and discuss it better.

Thanks for your understanding. Cheers!


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