I figured I'd start this thread to see what people want to see added/changed to the site to make it more accessible and fun to use for everybody.

I'm in no way affiliated with Atheist Nexus, just figured that some creative discussion would be helpful for the creators and users alike.

My initial suggestion? A more comprehensive search for members based on location/age/etc. But I figure this is already on the way.

What would you guys and gals like to see?

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My list of wanted improvements:

-Comprehensive age/location/interest/sex/school search engine (I think everyone wants this one!)
-More intuitive interface ("Join Group" links, "Approve Friend Addition" button, etc.)

Thats all I've got for now, as I haven't been a member long. I really enjoy the site so far! Thanks to Matt for starting this topic!

I second the comprehensive search. Other than that, I'm happy so far.
ditto on both counts
Ah yes, I have another suggestion. A more transparent way to join the groups. I'm a pretty advanced computer user, but I am at a loss about how to join the groups after I click on the group names/pictures. This is a mini cry for help as well if anyone can tell me how to join the groups!
To join a group, click on the "Start Discussion" link. Its stupid, but it works, as I've seen no other way to do it.
Yes, even though this works, it is not at all intuitive. I'd like to see a separate link for joining a group.
I use firefox and i don't have any problems with the site.
I've got the same problem. Do you have firefox V3? I'm wondering if older versions have the same problem. Not that I'm going back.
I agree, that would be great.

It would also be great if this site could move off of Ning--Ning is a pretty weak social networking platform imo and very limited. If this will ever really take off and be serious compared to Myspace and Facebook, it needs to be a bit more professional. The inability (apparently, maybe I'm just stupid, but other Ning sites I was able to...) to customize "My Page" is a little frustrating, because it takes away that fun bit of personality Mypsace had. Building on that, it would be great if we could move around the little windows on our profile page, because I'd prefer to have an RSS feed of my blog up front on my page than anything else. The ability to invite members to groups based on Nexus friends would be a welcome addition, because I just don't know the email addresses of any of the people I know on here. Hmm....what else...I think that's all, at least for now.

Either way, this site is great and really look forward to helping out as well as staying for the ride :)
To set your own style, you have to click on the "My Page" button and under your picture you can find "style" link. Took me time to find it, since I was searching under "my profile"
An excellent thread, Folks! This is exactly what we needed. We have received all of the suggestions offered here and they all make perfect sense. Rest assured that we will do our absolute best to implement these improvements. The site is currently in Phase 1 of its development. Since we are organized as not-for-profit social club, we would like to reach good membership numbers before we roll onto a better platform. We are monitoring activity very closely. One factor we’re watching is how active members will be. You can say that Phase 1 is all about gauging public response to this idea; testing the waters, if you will. There are questions that you might need answering such as, "What do we mean by "good membership numbers"?" Or, "What exactly will Phase 2 entail?"

These questions and more will be answered comprehensively in the days to come. In addition to responding to stated concerns, we will publish a detailed strategic chronology for your scrutiny. Our commitment is to offer our members a site that meets and exceeds their every expectation. Please keep the feedback coming!
I agree that there needs to be a search feature based on location/age/etc
I typed in a couple of states in the search that should have come up and but didn't.

Is it possible to add a playlist from playlist.com?
I do think this is a great site and have posted a bulletin promoting it on myspace.




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