I figured I'd start this thread to see what people want to see added/changed to the site to make it more accessible and fun to use for everybody.

I'm in no way affiliated with Atheist Nexus, just figured that some creative discussion would be helpful for the creators and users alike.

My initial suggestion? A more comprehensive search for members based on location/age/etc. But I figure this is already on the way.

What would you guys and gals like to see?

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(As opposed to email notifications).
I think the groups and forums need to be divided into subsections. The number of discussions and different groups keeps growing, and it'll get chaotic pretty soon.
- Reverse order of comments. The most recent comment should be displayed first.
- One should be able to search by name, city, or state.
- Once a group is save, it can't be changed the initiator should be able to modify it especially if there are only a few members.
As so many other people have commented, we *NEED* to have a search function that works on geographical location, age, etc. I think that is integral for an atheist social-networking site.

How about moving the forum to an actual message board too? Right now, the forum is pretty awkward and an actual message board would be really beneficial. Just set it up so when people click on "forum" it goes to your official message board instead.
I third, fourth, and fifth comprehensive search engine. It would be nice to find other atheists/free thinkers in my area/school.
Someone, quick! Subcategories under forums!
We'll take care of this shortly, Richard. Please bear with us.
In email notifications, instead of "SoAndSo replied..." it should say "Someone has replied to the discussion 'ThreadTopic'" and just put the name in the message, so that Gmail and such can properly organize them.
And by "properly organize" them I mean, organizing by subject/thread. There ought to be one conversation per topic, which gets updated as replies are made. By using the username in the email subject, the conversation functionality is broken.
I realize people have been busy with other things, but this is getting frustrating in no small part due to the number of email notifications. I'd really appreciate this getting fixed.
Little moan: it is a real pain getting to visit the pages of people who contribute to discussions or who send you a friend request. You can't just click on their image to go straight to their page..... you have to mess around a bit.

For example somebody just sent me a friend request. I wanted to have a quick look at their profile before accepting. When I clicked on their image I just got a list of their friends. I had to spot one that was already my friend, go to their page, find the image of the person who had sent me the request and click on that to get to their page.

Cumbersome, annoying!
Thor, I'm confuzzled:

I got an email saying that someone has sent me a message on Atheist Nexus. It has a 'To reply click here' button.

Is there a page where I can see the message on atheistnexus.org?

Situation: I get emails on my phone, and would rather read and respond to messages through the website, but I can't find a link anywhere.




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