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Hi all! My name is Rebecca Shorter. I was in the navy from 1996-2000. I was an MR3 when I got out. I served on the Emory S. Land ( AS-39) and the John F. Kennedy ( CV-67).
Aloha Kakou “May there be friendship between us, greetings”
I’m Calvin and if you can’t tell yet, I’m from Hawaii, born and raised. I joined the Hawaii Air National Guard when I was 17 years old; I’ve been in Combat Communication the entire time. Like Sherry Young mentioned, Mobile Communication or what the Guard calls Combat Communication is the AF version of the Army or as one AF general said during an awards ceremony after we got back from Iraq “lets here it for the guys in the Combat Communication Group, the nerds with the guns”. Too funny, nerds with guns, at first his remarks surprised me, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. As far as being an Atheist in the Guard, Hawaii is really divers so I’ve never had any real problems.
I have joined MAAF, I even have a card which I lamenated.
Seth Strong, rank SPC in the Army National Guard from 2000 to 2008. I had a blast in Iraq from 2003 to 2004. That put politics in a whole new perspective.
USAF, 1986-1990, Avionics. I was unlucky enough to get stationed at Ellsworth AFB in SD, but lucky enough to get a shop position. Meaning: I didn't have to work outside in the snow and wind!

I live in San Antonio now. Odd, since taking basic training here in JULY had me thinking I would NEVER come back again. Of course, I still avoid Lackland like the plague. What's funny is that, the few times I am out there, I can see the dorm where I stayed from the freeway. I realize now how close I was to freedom (a bar!), and I never made a break for it! Of course, who would, in those awful uniforms?
My name is Ann Rhodes, and I'm an enlisted member of the US Marine Corps. My MOS is 7242. I've been deployed once to Afghanistan, and it's looking like I'll go again. I'm originally from Mississippi. I've been an admitted agnostic for about a year now.
Bill here:

US Army 1968-1971, 1974-1984
US Army Reserves 1971-1974, 1984-1994 (retired as SFC/E7)
Vietnam Jul 1968-Jul1978
NBC Instructor 1979-1981
MOS's 54B, 54C, 54D, 63J, 63H, 76P
Germany 1969-1971, 1981-1984
Korea 1977-1978
My name is Corey and I'm an Airman. Chair Force jokes aside, I work the flightline as a 2W1X1 on F16s. I'm originally from just outside of Washington DC in Virginia. I'm glad I've found this site and this group, it gets to be a bit lonely as an atheist when a chaplain works out of your shop.
Hi my name is Jermee and I joined the Navy in 2005 and left as SK2 in 2009. I was with the USS Kitty Hawk CV-63(05-08) and ELU-1(08-09). =) Nice to meet y'all
Gday, I go by Pig Diesel (and some others I won't use in polite company). I served in the U.S. Navy from 1990-1999. I joined at 17, Yes my Mother did have to sign for me and the Judge but thats a different story.
My first duty station was with HM-15 Stationed out of NAS Alameda CA. I then cross rated to Engineman and served on bored the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). Did my shore duty at NAS Alameda Port Services. Finished it up on the USS Coronado (AGF-11) out of NS Point Loma CA. I now live in Brisbane Australia with my lovely wife.
Hi. I was in the NG and Army Reserve for several years. I am no longer in the military. My husband was active duty before I met him. Now he is in the NG and has been activated. I respect the military, but I think it is too Christo-Centric (just my made up word).

BTW, everyone assumes I met my husband in the military. I didn't. We never served together.
I'll keep my nom de plume of Jolly Sapper.

Active Army 2000-2004, enlisted as a 12B (Combat Engineer). Spent two years at Ft. Stewart in D Co. 10th Heavy Combat Engineer Battalion. Spent a little over a year in Bamberg, Germany with the C Co 54th's heavy Combat Engineers bounced around between a "line" platoon and "assault and obstacle" platoon. Got out of the desert in December of '03 with nothing more than a broken pinkie that I fixed myself, just in time to start ETS'ing.

Deployed to Kuwait for the invasion of Iraq in '03. Invaded with an armored cavalry troop, blew up captured munitions, attached to some civilian rocket techs to pull security and help EOD transport and destroy surface to air missiles, and was trained to operate and maintain an R/C version of the M-1 chassis.

SO in essence, nothing that is transferable to the civilian job market.

Currently a college drop out, minimum wage slave, and the primary physical labor for my wife's plan to start a business as a small scale farmer.



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