Introduce yourself and let everyone know who you are.

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I actually grew up here so I'm familiar with the area, I know some of my civilian friends that are athiests, but I just don't know many service memebers and I will check out the things that you mentioned. Oh and speaking of fsm, I actually have a small fsm necklace I wear all the time as my religious symbol ^.^

Just realized I never introduced myself in here . . .


I'm Tim, a SSG on active duty in the Army stationed at Hunter Army Airfield.  I work in an organization with a TON of atheists/agnostics but nobody will talk about it publicly or openly, and they keep "No Religious Preference" on their ERB/ORB/dogtags.  I've kind of had my fill of it and am partially out of the closet at this point, but haven't shut the door.  I'd like to get to know some of the other MAAF types at HAAF and Ft. Stewart . . .



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