Consider donating your body to science? Yes? No? Why/why not?

A lot of the irreligious here seem to be quite invested in science, and it makes me curious...

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Sure, after I'm dead that is, I'm not planning to be using my body after that so why not help others.
Well, I am an organ donor. If my death can help save someone else's life, I think I'd rather do that.

I did see a show about "The Body Farm" at the University of Tennessee, where people have donated their bodies to be studied for forensic anthropology. It's basically a big field where the bodies are left to decompose in different places to assess the rate of decomposition and what factors into it. It was pretty interesting, and a little gross.

Here's a link if anyone is interested.
I would sign up to become an organ donator at first. In a way, I must say I would prefer having my body being burnt to ashes and then spread out wherever it may be, probably at the sea though, than being used in scientific experiments. I guess it's just the romanticist in me.
I'm an organ doner. I'd definitely agree to have the good folks in the sceintific community give me a once over after I kick it. I believe there are a number of things you can do, and depending on what any given organization needs, you can actually split yourself up and spread yourself around. I need to look into that. Whatever's left I'll have interred in some happy, environmentally friendly way. I suspect some folks might want a place to visit my bits. :)
I'm an organ donor. I have considered whole body donation...but I wonder what that would do to my survivors. For instance, my daughter...when the day comes and I "go"...I'm not sure how she'd feel about not getting to bury "me".
I'm pretty sure that what matters in a funeral is not the part about putting a body into the ground, but the part about saying goodbye and coming to terms with the person not being around anymore.

Presumably a competent funeral director knows how to deal with cases where the person died at sea, or in a mining accident, or otherwise didn't leave a body to bury. So your daughter can still have a ceremony. I also suspect that medical schools deal with relatives wanting to say goodbye to the body, so she'll hopefully have that option open as well.
Nah, I'd rather be buried under a tree or somewhere green. But they can have my organs. :D
organ donor here too. helping others in immediate need seems to be the best use of my body once i'm done with it.

the comedian david cross mentioned how not being an organ donor was the most selfish jerk thing a person could do. we are kind of on the same page here. once i'm dead, the idea that my organs could help someone in need is a wonderful thought, more appealing than any other kind of afterlife.
I'm an organ donor, but after that, science can have the rest of me if they want it.
A long time ago I worked in a medical school and saw first hand what happens to bodies donated to science. I was a regular 'live' model for anatomy classes and 'starred' alongside other body parts in bottles.
Lets face it most of us won't get a memorial to our life when we are dead. Very few of us get buried and have headstones. This way a bit of you may last a while longer even though there's typically no identification attached.
As others have said, I'm already an organ donor and would gladly donate the unused parts for whatever purpose science can find for them. Perhaps I should donate my body intact to medical science. If they can figure out how I've managed to live this many years after all the abuse I've subjected my body to, perhaps there's something they can learn that will benefit others.
My will says that my best-case-scenario wish is for my body, minus any useful transplantable organs, to be donated entirely to science, and that no carrion-feeding funeral merchant ghouls be allowed to make a single penny off my death.

Whether your worldview is religious or naturalistic, the body is only the wrapper in which we live; once we die, the body no longer has any use, save as a subject of study or as a meal for worms and bacteria.




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