Consider donating your body to science? Yes? No? Why/why not?

A lot of the irreligious here seem to be quite invested in science, and it makes me curious...

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My will says that my best-case-scenario wish is for my body, minus any useful transplantable organs, to be donated entirely to science, and that no carrion-feeding funeral merchant ghouls be allowed to make a single penny off my death.

Whether your worldview is religious or naturalistic, the body is only the wrapper in which we live; once we die, the body no longer has any use, save as a subject of study or as a meal for worms and bacteria.
I'm probably going to be an organ donor. I like the idea of helping someone even after I'm gone. And it's like the Klingons say in Star Trek, after I'm dead, my body's just an empty shell.

Donating one's body to science sounds nice too.
oh hell no

im just stingy like that
I'm an organ donor, and I'd gladly donate my body to science. My body is just a vessel for my mind, and doesn't define who I am, just what I look like. And it helps me move around, talk, see, eat, drink wine....etc etc ;)

Once I'm dead I really won't have the capability to care anyway, so no big deal to me.
I already plan to donate all usable organs/tissues for anybody who needs them, but if they're not usable then science is more than welcome to them. I'm sure not going to need them.
Sure, its in my instructions to my wife.
I'd really like to donate my body to Mad Science. Then my body could terrorize villagers!
Sure, but I will leave that choice up to those I have left behind. It really doesn't matter to me what happens to my body after I die, but my family may feel differently.
Organ doner as well. I like to imagine a piece of me living on in someone famous or something like that.
Since I am HIV+ it is automatically cooties in the donor department. I will probably leave my body to science. But it will have to be under the condition that nobody has to pay a dime for this to happen.
Our bodies (my husband and I) will be donated to Science upon our demise, after our usable organs are removed. What’s left will be cremated. The same goes for our children until they can decide for themselves. I found a company called Anatomy Gifts Registry that does this (though I am still in the process of checking them out completely). There will be no burials or funerals. I think we have enough waste (landfills and bone-yards), I try not to contribute to their overpopulation. If some one in our families wants something to fawn upon (i.e. tombstone) when we're gone they have been instructed to plant a tree or donate to one of our favorite charities.
Personally, I'd like every molecule of my body to be used for something. I want to be recycled. Donate my organs. All of 'em. Give whatever's left to science to be studied somehow. Make a bird feeder out of my skull and a window garden with my rib cage. Any left over gristle or whatnot, compost it and feed me to the earth. Be creative with it.

"My that's a lovely ashtray"
"Yes, it's my old friend Seth..."
I certainly would. After all, I won't need it anymore..............



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