Besides me? lol

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Yep, at least two more, I believe.

Think I may be the only one in New Orleans, though. :)
I think there are a lot of us. We're just hard to find because most atheists don't openly talk about their lack of religion.
That's because as soon as you do, you pay a price.  Luckily, the friends that I have made here, while not being openly atheist, are at least open-minded types.  Silver lining.
The family has been out of Orleans parish since our sinful ways were taken out on everyone else.

Lafayette has long been the get-away of choice... Festival Acadiens is certainly a family favorite each year
Welcome to Da Flats. Been (back) here since 2004 and there's only a handful of Pastafarians and infidels amongst us.
Cool, I'm not the only one! :)

Anyone in north La??? I'm having a hard time finding people of like mind. I'm a college student (although not the typical college age--older) and I thought I would easily meet freethinkers there. But, there are no freethinking groups other than the philosophy club. Anyone go to ULM???
Hey there,
I go to ULM, and I am biology grad student.
This is fantastic to find someone on here that attends ULM! Wow! I was feeling like the only atheist at ULM. lol
I graduated from ULM ten years ago (when it was still NLU). I'm originally from and am currently living in Winn Parish.
I'm in north la. Also looking for like-minded people. I live in a little bump in the road named Mt. Lebonon. Surrounded by nice and well meaning, but completely dilusional baptists. I'm. In S-port/bossier everyday, looking for friends, always!
nah, I started there in the pre- pharm. program but realized I wasn't gonna get in pharm. soon enough so I switched to CTC for radiology. I'm like you, an older guy and bills get heavy so I dropped for awhile. I live in West Monroe.
Hey! I'm a Louisiana atheist! However, I'm unfortunately having to spread my joy to Tulsa, Oklahomans. It's not even that they get upset when I tell them I'm an atheist - they actually don't know what I mean...




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