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I was in the coast guard stationed in new orleans durring katrina "aka, that bitch!" Lol. We evacuated to alec so I know where you'r coming from. I remember a girl in a bar there telling me that god had flooded new orleans to "punnish all the fags." Uuuuhhhhggggg! Just revolting.
I feel you stormy, I live in pineville. However I haven't had too much bad luck with the nuts, and I'm pretty open about my lack of belief. Do yourself a favor and never move to minden, its got its head so far up the churches rear that the churches wont even let other church owned hangouts for kids/teens exist without fighting to shut them down.
Wow... I graduated from Minden High! Lmao! Now I live 20 min from there!
Really? I did as well, 2007 I'm still young lol.
'93 here...(sigh) getting old. :)
Just moved back,lost something out of state (gawd),now its like a different world lmAao C-yA'll
Here I'm is all up in Lake Charles.
Hey is there anyone around the Lafayette area? These people are crazy!
This is so cool... never thought i would meet any atheists in Lake Charles.... Of course, that was before I googled "lake charles atheists" and found this group! hehe
I have one atheist friend, and my brother dosen't really believe the biblical version of god, but he believes that there's something. I feel very alone where I am. It would be nice to communicate with people who don't wear god goggles. I avoid serious conversations with most people because I'm not ready for them to know. I live in a VERY rural community.
I live in Northwest Louisiana I have found group if anyone is in this area and wants to meet.
Michael, dude. I've said it befor... don't I know you?




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