Okay, be honest how many of you signed up looking to hook up? :)

Of course, the reason I signed up was because I wanted to build atheist communities around the Unitred States...

but for those that are interested, I'm 6'2", thin, never married.... :D

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I signed up to crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentation of their women!
.. you want to laminate some women?

hardly the way to preserve youth...

I believe there is a fetish for that called a "vacuum bed".
Heh... heh heh.. heh heh heh... you said:

bending over

Heh heh... heh...
lol. I actually signed up hoping I'd meet some atheists in my area, as I don't know a SINGLE confirmed one.

As far as "hooking up" goes... the whole internet dating thing is a foreign world to me. It frightens me so.
What does fishing have to do with internet dating?
I don't believe in hooking up. The only way that ever seemed to work for me is to randomly meet people I think are nice. Getting into a community with similar-minded people of course helps that, but I am here for enlightment, nothing else ;)
"I don't believe in hooking up."

That's just plain weird. For over 99% of humanity, hooking up is the main raison d'être.
(And the rest tend to Darwinate themselves out of the gene-pool rather quickly...)
Why must your main goal in life to be to meet someone to have sex with? You actively search for it, solely. Isn't it more interesting to actually get to know a person for real?
Well, that's how I see it. I don't think with my genes, I think with my brain. I find it far more interesting to find someone who can challenge me intellectually and prove their knowledge in several areas than having sex.




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