Okay, be honest how many of you signed up looking to hook up? :)

Of course, the reason I signed up was because I wanted to build atheist communities around the Unitred States...

but for those that are interested, I'm 6'2", thin, never married.... :D

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I signed up to meet people, engage in great conversation and pass some downtime. I am married though so the thought of 'hooking up' on here never crossed my mind :-)
yeah, no interest in hooking up, either. just looking for likeminded people.
I figured if I ever decide I need an army of like minded individuals to enlist for a letter writing campaign, or to engage in an Art is Resistance campaign against the coming American Theocracy (or so says the mighty Trent), or to just shout out my frustrations with, that maybe I could find some people.

I'm basically married, but if there's any ladies out there who wouldn't mind helping my girl and I rub out a few big O's in the shower before work some morning, I guess you'd be invited...especially neo-pagan LeaT! Mostly because I think she'd be offended by the suggestion!
Err no, because I understood you were joking ;)
So... any of the ladies out there want to see Thor's "hammer"?

Sorry, can't resist being juvenile occassionally (while simultaneously sucking up to the mod).
lol, aww you had me interested until i found out you live in USA.

*evil eye* ...tease

i'm not here to hookup

otoh, i couldn't date someone who was really religious. maybe vaguely deist, but i just couldn't hang with an out and out xtian. the older i get the more true that is, too.

so i suppose i'm here for general networking, and socializing a bit. that works just fine. of course if anyone here is in chicago and wants to have a beer and shoot the shit i'd be game. i don't know many folks out here yet and discussing atheist and skeptical topics is of great interest to me.
Since someone else brought the subject up, if anyone knows of a single girl in my area, with a good temperament, and who doesn't strongly object to me sounding off about religion every other minute, that would be cool... my lack of religion has been a 'big thing' with girls in the past.
really? I've had it both ways. I've had one woman dump me because she didn't want an atheist near her children... that was harsh and hit me pretty hard.

But I've had far more women try and convert me. They failed and I corrupted them. :D
I'm a 53-year-old, chubby, married lady. Sorry, but I'm already hooked up and have been for 31 years. I have heard tell, though, that somewhere in the world other atheists exist. I'm bound and determined to find out.
I came here to just visit with other atheists, I don't know any in real life. Well, I might but I don't usually talk about it with people.
Hooking up isn't my main goal here, but I'm starting to like the idea because it would be a big plus to know that she is an atheist too.
I, like many of you, never thought of hooking up when I signed on here. Besides I'm married and the thought of meeting someone online, even if I were single, is scary to me even though I understand many people have found happiness that way. Again, like many of you, there are very few atheist out in the open where I live and I thought it would be cool to meet more. Just knowing you guys are out there is better than sitting around feeling like you are the only souless heathen bastard with a no-class ticket straight to hell. So here's to us!

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