Okay, be honest how many of you signed up looking to hook up? :)

Of course, the reason I signed up was because I wanted to build atheist communities around the Unitred States...

but for those that are interested, I'm 6'2", thin, never married.... :D

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Ok, I admit it crossed my mind. The idea orbited, briefly, in a position slightly higher than 'winning the lottery' before its trajectory was destabilized by a rogue dost mote and it rejoined the Kuiper Belt.

On the other hand...
At least here, instead of scaring the girls off with my insufferable personality, ruggedly unappealing appearance, and my offensive lack of religion I'd only be scaring them off with the first two. C'est la vie.
I'm always on the alert to "hook up" but it's not the entire reason I'm here (...however, it's OK to say it's 99% of my reason - give or take a tad.)

What's the errorbar on your 99% value? +/- 4 points?

Guess maybe I'm looking for people to engage in more creative endeavours, to get "down and dirty" with, and I don't mean that in a narrowly sexual way. It takes time to build friendships anywhere,

Same here. And, what you said, it definitely takes time to build friendships.
atheist women are the hottest
That's because we are a challenge ;)~ and really smart!!
Seriously, I heard about something described as "myspace for atheists" and thought...."I'm there." Mainly, I would love to make some atheist friends in the area (near Medina OH) because I'm surrounded by people of various degrees of religiosity and the closest I have are my brother and dad who are vague "something"-ists. Even they easily fall prey to emotionalism and magical thinking, which sucks. It would be completely awesome to meet up with a few people and hang out without having to pretend or read from a script, and maybe play some Rock Band down the line if I can either get my own system or get my brother (very atheist-friendly)to join.

Hooking up? Not entirely sure what that means. If you mean simply finding sex-partners, then no. But I'll admit the briefest moment of "wouldn't it be cool if I met some great atheist guy on here?" Didn't stick though, partially because I don't hang my hat on what-ifs and other wishful thinking (I'm here for the atheistic company overall, not to pursue Cinderella-style goofiness) and partially because I intend to move to California to pursue my career so it's probably not very wise to start a relationship in an area I have no intention of staying in. That wouldn't be very nice of me. But I covered that on my page.

Also, online relationships are indeed scary and risky. I think I was approached by a predator years ago on myspace. Claimed to be a famous skateboarder, talked online a little, talked a bit on the phone, then got what I later found out was a "booty-call" e-mail. I informed him that I do not leave the house to meet people I've never met at 2 am, especially without telling anyone, but that I was available on Friday if my brother and his GF could join us. Never got another call. Took me off his friends list. Good thing I'm the nervous, cautious type, because I only found out later that that's how some girls disappear never to be seen again.

Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like online may be the only way an atheist can meet another atheist--for any purpose. Christians have it so much easier, at least in the US. So it's not entirely out-of-the-question that an atheist signing up for an atheist community wouldn't at least entertain the idea for the briefest of moments.
Hooking up?

Naw, I thought that I was going to get a free toaster with this.
Was someone offering Cylons?
naa, I'm married not that the idea of adding a third would be unwelcome ;)
Yeah you really sound like someone I possibly knew in Eufaula. I honestly did not look to hook up just to make friends that did not run in terror when they found out that I do not fear a god.
I joined to meet like minded people, chat rationaly about religion, politics, philosphy and the idea of meeting a nice single intelligent atheist girl for deeply rude sex which would startle the horses on a staggeringly frequent basis never even crossed my mind.

well O.K yes it did, a bit......

if anyone fancies some deeply rude sex they only have to say ;-)




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