Okay, be honest how many of you signed up looking to hook up? :)

Of course, the reason I signed up was because I wanted to build atheist communities around the Unitred States...

but for those that are interested, I'm 6'2", thin, never married.... :D

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"I don't think with my genes, I think with my brain." Unless you are a dualist, which I have yet to meet an atheist who is, your brain is just an extension of your genes.

I almost said "simply an extension..." but its hardly simple. All of what we are exists for the sole purpose of passing on our genes. While we may not be consciously aware of that, and while I like you find intellectual challenges and debates thrilling, I am aware at some level that all that enjoyment is a byproduct of sorts of a strategy of genes attempting to get passed on.

While I have no interest in "hooking up" especially with people online I find fault in the belief that ones brain is something special and separate from our biology.
Of course, maybe it is, but I find myself being far less controlled by that than every single person I have actually met whom have been outspoken at this issue. I should also add, I hardly have any sex drive, it is not that I can't enjoy and appreciate sex, but I am a romanticist, I would never have sex for the sake of having sex. I can only have it with someone I love and that is only because for me sex is the closest physical imtimacy a person can have and I don't let people into me physically that quickly.

Also, just because i am here, doesn't mean I am an atheist. In fact, I am not, i am a neo-pagan pantheist. I am definitely not a biologist, I don't think the body is the only thing that rules your world. There is for me very much a mental one, one that extends far further than the limitations of the physical.

Also, I don't find discussions and arguments just thrilling, it is my passion in life because through discussions and arguments, I find myself learning so much more over and over, even though i might not even partake myself but being the silent watcher.

Maybe I also used the word "brain" a little wrongly, in brain I meant something more, completely mental. That is for me 100% seperated from the body. And yes, in a sense, I will always be a dualist because that is a part of my paganist beliefs, 2 makes one in perfect union still it will never be perfect.

Of course, maybe you would understand why I am and reason about the issue like i do more if you understood me better and knew my reasons and how I felt over the subject on a more personal level but I don't really want to bring it up here in public because it is, private.

I should also add, I don't believe in dating either. As I said, meeting people randomly seems to work better because there are so few peopl e it really clicks with manhunting just seems to be an utter waste of time. Better spend that time on somethign I actually find useful. Chances are that the people I like to hang out with are gathered around those places as well, since there is at least a common interest for us to gather there, whatever it now may be. That reason is more or less zero on say, a nightclub.

This is very true for the ACP site where I finally can get the mental stimulation I have been cravign for during most of my teenhood.
I question that number to a degree. Maybe that's just because I'm part of the 1%?
Damn! I wish I was here for this debate lol. I couldn't workout which side to barrack for :) I kept going from one to the next going "uh huh ... yep...good point" *grin*

The truth is [for me] that both are right, well, close anyway, I guess I come down marginally on the side of LeaT, the reason of course is duality. Yes the primal nature of the biological organism is driven by its genetic encoding but the flip side for humanity is sentience, and that is a function of self awareness, the mind.

To me it is a totally separate entity to the body, the host, forever symbiotically linked together. Like the dream of sentient AI, the biological computer called the human brain has passed a quantum threshold that triggers the whole bag of magic tricks that is self awareness, sentience, ego.

It is something that becomes greater than the sum of its parts and so stands outside. But like in any true symbiotic relationship it should not war against the other part, but work with it for a healthy life. To war against the host and its needs and desires is not healthy. In effect it becomes parasitic and can end in disastrous consequences for both.

Pity I'm late on this discussion, oh well. *grin*
I admit it. Although the chances of me actually finding someone on here that even lives remotely close to where I do are minuscule.

Someone prove me wrong.
I live remotely close to where you do............ and I've got some mayonnaise.

OK, that's going to confuse/scare everyone else.
I'm going to go eat some of your mayonnaise now.
Damn you
I would get the good and wholesome ol' fashioned family friendly heterosexual mayonnaise instead
I can guarantee that other kinds of mayonnaise are just as good, wholesome and family friendly.
Honestly, the "hooking up" thing hadn't occurred to me. I have so few opportunities for real-word interactions with actual atheists, I figured this might be the next best thing.
You live in Netherlands, how lovely ;) I haven't seen much Christian activity here in Sweden yet; just the common Jehovah's Witnesses knocking at my door. I have finally cleaned my apartment so I will let them in next time ^^




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