Most freethinkers I know (but not all) are advocates of freespeech.

What's the policy on the site going to be? How will it be enforced?

Are pics with nudity allowed? Swearing? Controversial topics?

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The only thing that I don't think should be allowed on this site is nudity. I'm not against it, I just think that if it is allowed, this site will eventually turn into an online porno mag. There are literally millions of sites specifically for that sort of thing.
Free speech is a funny thing, hypocrites are in favor of free speech as long as no one says anything that offends them personally. I say we all act like adults, I don't mind swearing or controversial topics at all. I would prefer not to see nudity, only because I like to know I'm not going to see something like "two girls, one cup" while I'm drinking my coffee and responding to threads about philosophy first thing in the morning....but I really don't care about that either way. We could always post warnings about what is contained in each thread as well. Putting a "warning" label on your thread is almost a sure-fire way of having your post read anyway. ;)

I would only suggest we have an unwritten rule about maintaining a level of maturity and mutual respect for all members. We should feel free to call anyone out if we believe they have crossed the line (like a racist or sexist comment....but I have a feeling that won't be an issue with this crowd).

Furthermore, chances are the only people who will post udder crap will be the fundamental Christians who join this community purely to harass us. I say let them speak, their hateful comments will only reflect poorly on the individual who has spoken (and in turn will make us look better, you can't beat that kind of PR).
I agree. This is an open community, why should prejudices and silly norms stop us? However, like was mentioned, I also fail to see what nudity has got to do with this site at all but I can also see in what topics discussing nudity as example (take feminism as one subject where such questions about nudity would be arised) and why should such things be forbidden?

I think if people act mature, I highly doubt we will have huge posts with boobs all over. I fail to see why the kids would come here anyway, this is a gathering for intellectual people looking for intellectual challenges. Trolls will go rather bored quickly since there is basically nothing to troll.

I have always felt ACP is a place for enlightment in all aspects of the world. Of course, if people would start to post porn and such, it should be removed. But also, if a person is found out to post porn etc, I think that person has showed a low level of maturity and has no real right to be here anyway.
It's a complex issue. I used to be on Yahoo 360 and I knew a couple atheists who used to blog about their kinks or put up erotic stories.

On the other side of it, I'm sure that spambots will attack at some point if the site continues to grow.

Oh, and I think that trolls will definitely find things to troll about. Atheists/freethinkers are not exempt from being jerks.

The thing that needs to be worked out, is how to tell the spammers/trolls from the legitimate posters who push the envelope.
There's a moderator, right? Let him moderate. Make a judgement call when needed. Otherwise, leave everyone alone.

What I mean is that most trollers will grow bored rather quickly because most people here have seen their futile attempts before and most of us know how to ignore it etc. Hence there is very little reason for them to troll, of course they don't know it yet.

I have nothing against eroticism in art etc, if it's well done of course. What I mean is the excessive posting of porn pictures etc, from a member either doing it because he/she thinks he/she is cool or trying to annoy the hell with the rest of us.

As for the spambots, I think we all recognize true spam and spam by an actual person. We can maybe add a simple filter against it.
"everyone loves free speech until they hear something they don't like" hahaha that quote always rang true

i agree with caz, if they allowed nudity it'd just get flooded with "nude spam" and shit, im not against it either, i think censorship of any and all things is bad (for instance in europe you can read a newspaper with a hot chick totally naked on the front page, and theirs nude art everywhere, and nude beachs, but they have a totally different culture...i would say totally better in my opinion)

swearing should always be allowed, i mean, philosophically, why is one word bad and another isn't?

like crap and shit, crap is seen as less vulgar, and shit is seen as a little more offensive, but compared to poop or feces, those words are relatively harmless in peoples opinions, yet all the words mean the same damn thing

its just another form of thought control in my opinion

language is a form of expression, and if a part of my expression is uttering my rage, then i should be allowed to say FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK as loud as i want, besides, it only offends if you want to be offended, and i usually don't like people like that (they take things to seriously all the time)
ideally, yeh, i would say that anything goes

however, i would like to suggest one small thing: i think that nudity should be allowed (i want to say at this point "if it's tasteful", but i think you can see how hard it is to set a subjective boundry like that in a forum full of of philosophers) but anyone who posts hardcore pornography should be forced to give a good reason why he (and i say he because i doubt there are many women who'd do this, but the same obviously goes for a woman should the instance arise) shouldn't have his account deleted immediately.
I agree here, nudity should be allowed but only in such accounts there is a proven maturity and reasoning behind the posting. From an ethics point of view, I doubt we would agree on posting other kind of porn either such as children's porn.
Being relevant to the topic should be the main deal. If someone is dropping any type of photos for no reason, than it might as well be deleted. That goes for comments too, just keep it relevant and everyone is happy.
quoting Duck: "just keep it relevant and everyone is happy"

Just what is relevant though? I would imagine that a "social-networking page" is going to include more than just atheism. Freethought applies to pretty much everything, doesn't it?
There is a relevance rule in discussion actually. As long people can understand your train of thought, there is a relevance to what you are saying even though what you are saying might be utterly off topic.

Let's say that we talk about the fallacies in Christianity which turns out to more become an argument who Christians themselves are fallible which is not that relevant to the original topic since the topic only touches the issue with the religion, not the people believing in it. Imagine then that in this discussion someone says "I want pizza" for no apparent reason. Then that person broke the relevance rule. You get where I am heading?

As long people don't go "wtf are you saying?" it is relevant to the discussion may it be off topic.




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