Most freethinkers I know (but not all) are advocates of freespeech.

What's the policy on the site going to be? How will it be enforced?

Are pics with nudity allowed? Swearing? Controversial topics?

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I'm wondering about the types of videos that we can upload. Mostly, there are just media clips, so far. Are blog-type videos, where we just sit in front of the camera and talk, permitted? If so, what can they be about?
I'm wondering the same kind of thing. I guess I'm hoping that this site will be a place where like-minded people can hang out and socialize. I'm looking forward to blogging, vlogging, chatting, and messaging about things OTHER than religion and atheism.

After all, just talking about atheism all the time would get pretty boring, pretty quickly.
Quite. Apparently, i was pondering what you were pondering. But you beat me to it
This issue definitely needs to be clarified again. We will have a detailed list of rules available soon.




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