I'm sure most of you have noticed the degradation of quality science education available for kids in public schools. Recently in the news it was found that a "science" teacher was burning the image of a cross onto the arms of his students. This link will send you to the news link about the crazy fundie teacher. Also, Ben Stein recently came out with his own creationist propaganda documentary called "expelled: no intelligence allowed." I'm concerned that by the time I have children who are in school they'll be forced to listen to the nonsensical gibberish that is 'intelligent design'. We have to remember that those who have accepted evolution as a fact are among the minority in America, only about a quarter of the population agree with the theory of evolution. Which is scary....very scary.

Where does this leave the secular community? I'm sure none of you want this idiotic idea being taught to your kids, but if the creationists keep sneaking in their faux-science teachers into the classrooms, we're in trouble.

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I know I fear for my daughter when she enters public school. I've been considering looking for secular private schools, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to afford it. I am going to have to be ultra-aware of what my daughter is being taught and am heavily considering "enhancing" my child's education on my own time to make sure she gets a good dose of real science.
Yes! Enhance away. When my kids were young, I used to take them mushroom hunting, bird watching, nature hiking, canoeing, planet walking, and leaf collecting. Each activity was a teaching opportunity. I also read aloud to them every night. When they became teenagaers, we even tackled Shakespeare. As a result, both my daughters became active readers. One daughter has even maintained her love of science and language. We still read Shakespeare together and discuss science issues. I guess my advice to you is that you become your kids' best and favorite teacher. Believe me, they'll remember.
It is a proven fact that bedtime reading helps the children to develop their brains and improve their language skills as well as abstract thinking. This is actually very much a class question because only middle class and above sadly do this to their kids.

Anti-Evolution bills are starting to pop up, I know the Missouri one died, but the link above will take you to the proposed Florida anti-evolution bill. This is a scary idea, the creationists are trying to sell evolution as a religion, and are using the establishment clause against the evolutionists. By claiming that evolution is a religion, and not fact, they aim to get it kicked out of the school curriculum.

I went to a private Christian school as a child, but fortunately for me I always asked questions about my religion; until the day I asked one too many questions and decided for myself there wasn't a god. They didn't really teach anything related to science at my school, so I had to learn from the Discovery channel and home chemistry kits (I was a dork....) Thanks to the Discovery channel, and my obsession with dinosaurs, I saw the proof of evolution early on, and never looked back. My parents never forced religion on me, but my school did. Needless to say, I faced a lot of conflict with science and religion growing up.

I really wish I had the capital to just build a secular private school that could teach K-12. I know they are out there, but there aren't many.
Evolution"ism" won't pass the faith test, once it reaches a courtroom and the evidence is shown the establishment clause will clearly not apply. But it will take someone challenging it in a court, which I'm sure the scientific community will do. Once a major court battle the "controversy" in the scientific community will disappear and the scientific opponents to evolution will be shown for what they are, an extremely vocal minority or religious fanatics.
You just earned a million cool-points for the use of "fetid dingoes kidneys".

If my daughter ends up in public school I plan to take a good look through her textbooks every year, and hopefully fill in the gaps. I think as a parent you can also get curriculum synopses.
That's awesome. I took my daughter to the Zoo last weekend, she was more interested in the pictures of the animals and climbing up and down steps than the actual animals walking around in the exhibits... but then, she's two.
I recently heard an interesting comment about the Dover trial. The commentator said that, unlike every other sane person, he had never been worried about the verdict, even though the judge had be appointed by George Bush. His reason? He said that, no matter what conservatives might preach publicly, more than anything else they don't want to die poor. Deep in their evangelical hearts, they know that watering down science in this country (you know, the stuff that actually works in the real world) would be the surest way to send this country's economy into the dumper. I'm not certain about his "faith" in evangelical hearts, but it makes me hopeful to believe that at least some people in power might actually be able to see the light of reason.
Well there's a segment of the evangelical community that doesn't see the economic issue as, well, an issue, they believe the end-times are near, and some even believe in working to help bring them about. These are some of the scarier ones, they would have us rape the earth, cause wars in the middle east and promote that we convert so none of us our "left behind".

Such rampant stupidity.
I converted to Christianity once the banana argument was brought to my attention. I mean...who could argue with that kind of logic. Obviously a higher power made a banana fit into a persons' hand perfectly.

Except if you were born with a deformed hand..

And we did cultivate bananas....

And all living things have DNA which is composed of: adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine. So even bananas would have DNA...just like humans...

And there are banana allergies which cause a swelling in the throat and mouth...

And I like pineapples more than bananas...and pineapples are a pain in the arse to cut up.
I LOOOOVE bananas!

But they make me swollen and itchy.

The funniest thing about the video is that it's easier/better to open a banana from the "wrong" end. Give it a try!
You're right, of course. It scares me to death.

I guess my question is, how many people really believe that, and of those, how many would act on those beliefs? Are they just a crazy few or are they a huge number? Are they 0.5% of the population or 50%? Either number is frightening, but 50% is way more frightening.




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