I'm sure most of you have noticed the degradation of quality science education available for kids in public schools. Recently in the news it was found that a "science" teacher was burning the image of a cross onto the arms of his students. This link will send you to the news link about the crazy fundie teacher. Also, Ben Stein recently came out with his own creationist propaganda documentary called "expelled: no intelligence allowed." I'm concerned that by the time I have children who are in school they'll be forced to listen to the nonsensical gibberish that is 'intelligent design'. We have to remember that those who have accepted evolution as a fact are among the minority in America, only about a quarter of the population agree with the theory of evolution. Which is scary....very scary.

Where does this leave the secular community? I'm sure none of you want this idiotic idea being taught to your kids, but if the creationists keep sneaking in their faux-science teachers into the classrooms, we're in trouble.

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I am very afraid to send my future children to public schools, judging by the way mine is, and from hearing about some others. Yet, most private schools are religious-centered, and the ones that aren't are very expensive from what I've heard. I wish I could homeschool them, but I don't know if I would be able to do that either, with work and all.

Therefore, I'm highly considering trying to move out of the US when I'm ready to have children and find a more non-religious accepting community, since there really aren't any here that I know of.
If the public schools continue to go the way they are I'll either pay the money for a private school or I'll team up with a couple atheist parents and do a mass home school endevour.
I take comfort in the fact that the school system properly addressed this, fired him after ample warnings, and has no chance of losing the suit that the teacher filed.

I'm more concerned that Fox News played it up as a school attacking some believer for keeping a bible on his desk, which is only about 10% of the untold truth.

As for Ben Stein, I would like to think that he really only appealed to the believers, but the movie may have cast some confusion to others.

We have to just stay vigilant, expose these things for what they are, and not let up.




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