Pizza - Why must all sauce in the major us chains be tomato?

I think we could take pizza way behind the norm here.

What about.. a peanut sauce...
naturally the toppings would change with it.

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The Flying Spaghetti Monster shuns non-tomato based sauce on food products...duh! Have you not been touched by his noodley appendage yet?
I love the FSW, but hes becoming closed minded recently. Surely he would like a new sauce. I imagine the Pastafarian's would enjoy some sort of mango sauce.

White pizza is quite good, as well.

Though I'm all for that epic dessert pizza...
The only "True" pizza is New York style and that is tomato based. You Heathens must be talking about some other kind of dish.
I guess what we need is a Martin Luther of "pizza", to nail his protestations to the Pizza Hut door.
I made myself an alfredo sauce pizza last week. Good stuffs.
ok! I will. Maybe a thai'ish set of ingredients for that.
Brian, you might want to open up that window of experience a little bit and let a little fresh air in. Chicago-style pizza, when tasted outside that tiny, stuffy New York window of experience, will go a long way to helping you redefine your truth.

Then again, Chicago-style pizza is also tomato-based, so I'm with you there.
Tony, you might think that Chicago-style is pizza... but come on... it's anything but. It's a mound of fixings haphazardly melted together. New York pizza is a work of tasty art.
In college, one of the pizza places in town had a "taco pizza". It had a sour cream sauce rather than tomato.

I didn't actually care for it, but I'm weird about pizza . . . .
er... like a stroganoff pizza?




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