Pizza - Why must all sauce in the major us chains be tomato?

I think we could take pizza way behind the norm here.

What about.. a peanut sauce...
naturally the toppings would change with it.

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holy crap, that sounds so much like what i just threw together. I used a large size burrito torilla instead of crust, baked with sour cream, bacon, onions, mushroom, some random veggies from a back, sprinkled with Asiago and provalone cheese.

Put the tradition pizza spices with a little extra garlic. Cooked for about 10 minutes on 300. Good stuffs. A bit small for a whole pizza, but a feast for one person.
I also take issue with this tomato prejudice!

Especially when tomato sauces have little chunks of things in it. I'm a "texture-eater" and that bothers me.

Barbecue-chicken pizza is my God. Unless of course it has onions. Onions are my Satan.
I normally dislike tomato sauce (opting for white sauce or butter on pasta), but don't mind it too much on pizza. However, I hate it when there are chunks of tomato in the sauce. I like tomatoes, but not in such a fashion.

With that said, I love experimenting with pizza sauces, and I find that most sauces work well on pizza. I used to work at a Mexican restaurant, and made pizza out of Mole Poblano sauce that, if you like the aforementioned sauce, is quite good. Double up on the cheese, though.
Yeah, that's why it's good to try local pizzerias. One near me has a few pizzas that feature pesto sauce. Quite interesting.
Wow, I have to try that, I love pesto. It's a fairly expensive sauce though, so doesn't the pie come out a little pricey? I could try making it at home... but pesto takes forever to make and you end up with a minuscule amount of it.
I've found that pies that use tomato sauce taste much better when they've been refrigerated. It may just be a personal preference, but I refuse to eat pizza the day I buy it, opting to leave it in the fridge overnight. Yay, cold pizza!

I once tried a pizza with barbecue sauce instead of tomato sauce with my cousin. He loved it, I thought it was the most disgusting thing ever. There was no meat to complement the sauce, and it was a pre- made pie that they wouldn't add sausage to, even though I asked! Me needs teh meats with teh BBQ sauce!!!!!




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