Pizza - Why must all sauce in the major us chains be tomato?

I think we could take pizza way behind the norm here.

What about.. a peanut sauce...
naturally the toppings would change with it.

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If it doesn't have tomato sauce, it's not pizza. It's some other flattened dish of some sort.
I agree. To me, tomato sauce on pizza is just plain old boring. It's been done to death. Give me a different style of sauce on pizza any day.

And what's with the love affair with pepperoni? It's tedious and greasy, and I'm forever explaining to my pizza-sharing companions about my secret shame. It's a lot like being an atheist I guess.
Thank goodness!
I am a no olives guy. And every time I say "no olives" I get olives.
oh! THANK you. I feel that same. Not that I don't enjoy a good ol pepperoni now and than, but its just been overdone. One think i CANT find down here in the south is a good Italian sausage pizza.. back home that is just about the ONLY sausage.

For that I miss Chicagoland, but i was never a fan of the massive amounts of crust in a pan pizza., sorry Tony. My father worked at a pizza place every sunday for my whole childhood, so I've had way too much leftover pan shoveled down my throat.
I know there is a place on 21st near vanderbilt that has pesto sauce pizza, but its something altogether different. Maybe they get their style from Cali? Not sure. I forget the name but it has a pool hall above it.
Personally I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of garlic sauce myself (I just love the stuff), it certainly wouldn't hurt to have more variety.
You can never have too much garlic!
OH my zeus, has anyone had BBQ sauce on pizza!? Grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, Red onion and cheese....mmmmm
Yes! A place in my hometown called "Olandos" has BBQ pizza. It's awesome stuff and im not even a BBQ fan.
Why must it be tomato sauce?

Because god doesn't exist, but there's still a natural order to the universe.
Thin crust rocks. What the heck are gruyere and emmental..?




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