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The entirety of the move Jesus Camp was posted online a few days ago, I embedded it and a synopsis in AtheistNews.


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I watched that on NetFlix Instant Viewing about a month ago (along with 'Hell House')....Jesus Camp has to be the most disturbing film I have seen in a long time...Freddy Krueger has nothing on that little girl staring at the ceiling and speaking in tongues while the adults encourage it...A must see for anyone who is on the brink of coming out...
*shiver* ugh.
You just feel bad watching it tbh. I mean, you wonder how mentally unstable you must be to force children to go throug such things without realizing how much it affects their psyches.
That was one horrible and sad and awful movie. I don't like to watch things like that because I am left feeling so danged helpless. I hated reading "Under the Banner of Heaven", too. You just want to scoop all those kids up and let them know it doesn't have to be that way.
I got about half way through it before having to shut it off... really offensive, it's child abuse at it's most basic. To think, that there are those out there who think the answer to Muslim extremism is Christian extremism. Boggles my mind.
I feel the same way, but I couldn't shut it off...I was taking diligent notes so I can be fully armed against that kind of insanity.
Thankfully that particular camp was closed (the owners asked them not to return after the bad press) but how many more of these brainwashing camps are out there?

I watched this last night and from a personal experience with Pentecostal summer camps in Alberta, I can say my experience wasn't all that far removed from what I watched.

There was on average more "camp" then "religion" at the ones I attended (I went with a freind, even though I wasn't Pentecostal). But I can remember being encouraged to speak in tongues and communicate and praise God/Jesus. It eventually became the reason I never went back after 3 summers there, because I wasn't very good at pretending I could "hear" god. When they get to the camp part and the young kid talks about faith and his issues in front of the camp, that really hit home for me in a very personal way. I was that kid at when I went to camp.
I watched it a few years ago in Sedona, AZ (their ongoing indie film series between film festivals). I noted afterwards that I never in my lifetime thought I'd be able to give a movie a standing ovation with a Charismatic Pentecostal right next to me also giving the same movie a standing ovation. Albeit for very different reasons: Him applauding it as a truthful, valid, and "What's wrong with this?" depiction of his religion's practices. Me applauding it for outing that religion as the horror show that it is.


Especially good about the film: Most documentaries take on one stance or the other about their subject matter. This one does not. It simply portrays the culture as it is and lets the viewer decide. Perhaps this is why folks from both sides of the theism fence were able to sit down and watch it together (even though that made it all the more horrifying for me).
I thought the whole thing was abusive, especially forcing guilt onto the kids, teaching them to hate, making them think they need to hear voices, etc. I was also disturbed that they were injecting political agendas along side the religious one. It's absolutely disgusting to attempt to completely undermine another human beings capacity to make decisions.




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