Yeah, I have a problem with hijacking song titles and popular sayings.
I'm Dianna, I just turned 46, and am always the oldest atheist in any discussion board that I join.
Hope to meet more atheists in my age group here at AN.

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I have to say that while I like Otep I like Rammstein better. One of my favourite singles from Rammstein is Amerika, but my favourite album is Mutter. I have it on my IPod and whenever I am on the bus (or some other public place) and have to listen to some weird conversation happening next to me, I pull out Rammstein (or sometimes Papa Roach or White Stripes.) Nothing better to drown out inanity.
Rammstein - techno metal goodness!
Not only good but they have a sophisticated rage. I really appreciate that.
Hi People - Good to see the more "experienced" members here. I'm 48 and haven't had many other atheists to talk to. It's nice to have a new meeting place. I am located in Vermont (although a flatlander by birth) and I don't see many others Vermont here yet. I created a group for Vermonters and hope to conenct with so other local people.
Welcome - good to have you here.
Hi all. I'm still on the early side of 40's at just 42 (a mere babe right? :D) I have two small children ages 5 and 2 who sometimes make me feel older than I am (and sometimes younger). But I do get to hang out with all those young hip moms. Come to think of it, they make me feel older than I am too. I think it will be nice to connect to some that are my age and older for a change.
Okay, kiddies, I'm tired of reading all of you complaining about how young you are. I just turned 62. Do I win some kind of prize?

I think the reason we encounter so many younger people is that online communities are a young person's phenomenon. For us older ones, they round us up and put us in physical communities (called "rest homes" or "senior centers" or some such) where they force us to do square dancing and competitive reminiscing.

Either that or more people in our group tend to get senile and can't keep up with this new-fangled computer stuff.
Def deserve a medal :D I suspect there is a very different breed of elderly person on the horizon. The internet will keep people connected and occupied and in many cases earning to a much later age.
Hi, I'm Anne, 40 and from the UK. Am I the only Brit in this group? My experience of atheism is very far removed from most people I meet here. Britain is actually quite secular and I know of no formalised atheist-bashing. I was raised as a catholic and coming from Irish stock, my family is large. I'm the only 'out' atheist in said family and I don't get any hassle from them for my stance. However they do think I will see the error of my ways and return to the fold. Silly really because I've never backed down or out of anything yet.
You're not the only Brit, although I got my American citizenship about 9 years ago. Most of my cousins live in England (and I have lots of them), and none of them are religious as far as I can tell. Examples of their Facebook pages under "Religion" (or "Superstitions" if you have your language set to English (pirate)) are none, yeah right, Mother Superior, and Jedi. As opposed to my American step-daughter who has Jesus lover listed as her superstition.
What a bunch of groovy and interesting people!

Hi, I'm Kitty, also known as Gramma Kitty. Turned 50 on St. Patrick's Day past, and am living life with a smile.
I've seen great joy and deep deep sorrow, and I've learned enough to know life is not a destination but a journey to be savored.
Since I was raised Fundamentalist Baptist, the first atheist I'd ever heard of was Madelyn Murray O'Hair, and she was the devil incarnate according to the church, Baby! Suffice it to say when I actually read the bible without the preacher or a study guide, I realized it was all so much bullshit.
Tried other forms of spirituality, and logic won over. I'd thought I was merely a Secular Humanist/Pantheist, but The God Delusion made me realize I am an atheist.


It's tough to find atheists around here, or so I thought. Today while at an abortion clinic defending the young women against the christian bigots calling them murderers, I discovered 8 others who are atheists as well! Monday I'll attend my first Center For Inquiry meetings (Humanists! I love Humanists!).

Life is good!




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