Yeah, I have a problem with hijacking song titles and popular sayings.
I'm Dianna, I just turned 46, and am always the oldest atheist in any discussion board that I join.
Hope to meet more atheists in my age group here at AN.

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Hi all, I'm Larry, and am 53, turning 54 in September. While I've been an atheist and skeptic for many years now, it's only been since last fall that I've been attempting to get involved with organizations and online forums. I attended James Randi's TAM6 in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, and was heartened to see the huge percentage of middle-aged and older attendees -- I felt very normal there.

Umm, is "Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends" from ELP?
My brain cells from back in college are somewhat, shall we say, impaired. ;-)
Indeed it is...and believe me, that impairment is more widespread than most will admit :-)
And does anyone remember Greg Lake's attempt at a solo career and with the band Asia? Sorry about that - you'll probably have that song stuck in your head all day now...
You just had to do it - didn't you :-) Give me David Gilmour's solo career anytime.
Amen! Oops, some cultures die hard...
That's RAmen - don't piss off the Noodly One :-)
I love David Gilmour's geetar playing. It's magical for me-- in a non-woo-ish way of course... ;-)
Hi, I'm 51 and for me the situation is the diametrical opposite to all of you *grin* My peers are the ones I have trouble connecting with and understanding :) not younger generations.

It only gets worse the older I get - some people accuse me of never having grown up - when to me it is the opposite -they've stopped growing. They've become settled and feel comfortable, they view their youth with a rosy glow, thinking of it as some a peak in musical, artistic, social tastes etc and that everything has gone downhill since. In essence they've settled into mainstream conventional society, even those that might have an odd kink like atheism. *grin*

Maybe it's my gender dysphoria that's part of it, but I've always identified as an outsider. I've been drawn to the rebellious, the disenfranchised, the nonconformists and underground scenes. To me mainstream society represents apathy at best - acquiescence at worst - It harbours all the worst attitudes of humanity - Much of it stems from its worst sin, conformity and the desire for it. The dislike and fear of that which is different, is mainstream society's greatest evil. A seemingly innocuous discomfort with a life style choice different to one’s own can easily be the seed from which bigotry, violence, persecution & genocide arise.

Oddly enough, for me atheism is not a major issue, I've never been anything else, it's always been the base point -I don't have to prove god doesn't exist - the onus is on anyone wanting to put forward the fantastical notion of god's existence to prove it to me :)

There also appears to be an assumption here on the Nexus, that probably comes from the majority of deconverted American Christians here, that to be an atheist is to automatically be anti-religious – Not so :) It is perfectly possible to be an atheist and still feel that religion is useful in some way, [note. this is not my view, lol] either as an opiate of the masses or providing social stability - depending on how you look at things *grin* Likewise with the view that atheism automatically equals enlightened freethinker and humanist – нет – remember Stalin was an atheist :)

What does move me? This for one, have a look at this music video :) – I would suggest the volume cranked right up of course, but you might not agree lol. It’s a powerful song with a powerful message, try to make it all the way through & I be interested in any opinions.

Otep – Warhead She is my Goddess lol.

I love, the Nexus, I enjoy the free exchange of ideas here and my remarks aren’t meant to be critical of any individuals – well except Stalin maybe *grin*

Love, Michaela xox
Hey Michaela,

Wow, that was an interesting post. I had to think about it for a while before responding. I'd first like to say that I agree with you to a point about how middle-aged people often become a bit stodgy and get stuck in a kind of rose-colored time warp. Perhaps some of us do stop growing, as you say, and become old before our time. I can't speak about what goes on in the minds and lives of other people, or about what their private hopes and fears might be, but I can speak about my own.

So far, I've had a great life, and I guess I feel bad for someone who can't at least occasionally feel a rosy glow when thinking about their childhood. Stuff that was good then can still be good now. A person is lucky to have had a happy, secure foundation in life. I'm not going to toss away the good stuff just because it's old. I am, however, a perpetual student, who is especially interested in new and controversial ideas (that's why I'm at this website in the first place), but I also relish the old ideas.

I'd also like to say that just because a person looks ordinary doesn't necessarily make them apathetic. And just because a person conforms in certain ways (raising children responsibly, working hard, being reliable, enjoying mainstream entertainments) doesn't mean they're bigots. You have obviously been exposed to some serious snubbing by some very sanctimonious toads, but please don't judge every seeming-conformist the same way. People might surprise you. For example, to look at me, you'd never know that I was a Biology teacher and then a trucker before I became an ordinary secretary.

That being said, I agree with you about how fear and hatred of anything different drive people to do some really horrible things. I have no solution to offer you except to say that I too have been guilty of hatred and fear, but I AM fighting against it.

Finally, I must admit that I barely made it through your music video. For some strange reason it reminds me of a recurring nightmare I used to have...of hell, I'm afraid.

Nice to meet you, Michaela.
Hey Suzanne, thanks for the reply lol - have no fear, I never judge a book by it's cover - one of the many things I learnt as a child *grin* You see I don't mean to say that you need to reject the things of your youth - I'm with you - embrace them, for they are part of who you are. It's just those that shut up shop at that point and go no further that I can't abide lol.

*grin* and thank you for braving Otep - Otep Shamaya is a Goddess/Warrior/Revolutionary/Poet - I'm left emotionally eviscerated after listening to her. But I can see that she would not be everyone's cup of tea lol.
As I said before, I used to be a teacher (high school freshman and sophomores), and one of the things I tried to emphasize was the need to keep learning and developing all through life. I try to do the same. Right now I'm trying to master the internet. For me that's as scary as trying to teach evolution to a room full of sixteen-year-old Christians. I'm not used to opening up to people, probably for the reasons you suggested earlier - being snubbed by sanctimonious toads.

Keep truckin',

If you can face down a room full of teenagers you won't have any problems with the Internet :-) Freshman biology no less!




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