What are we doing? For a group of atheists, humanists & freethinkers the forum is rather quiet. Our world leaders are political scientists. Another word for a political scientist is a social engineer. Social engineering is influencing behavior of large groups of people. We have people that are actively trying to make us think in particular consistent complacent ways. We have television dumbing us down. We have schools trying to teach children the anti-science of creationism. Our leaders are the epitome of ignorance. They are pro-war and anti-intellectuals. How are we to break this bondage?

What most people don't see is that freedom of thought means nothing if you have been conditioned to think in a certain way. My dog has freedom of thought, but it will only act and think in ways that I have trained it to.

How deep is our bondage? Are we really freethinkers? All atheism means is to be free from the concept of god. But are we free from the concept of Atheism? Is everyone here to just further their cause? Whether it is political or self (hooking up), is there anyone curios about how deep our Pavlovian conditioning has become? How deep has advertising buried itself in our psyche?

Are we really freethinkers?


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I think the issue is not whether to fight against racism and other extremes which don't fit into a liberalist view (I guess i can safely assume we all here follow the liberalist ideals since our culture is based on liberalism) but whether how willing we are to accept believing in such things.

I wouldn't of course support a racist nor a person pro slavery, but I am still supporting their freedom to have such thoughts. This ofc works well on group and individual level, on society level it gets tricker and we pretty much face that issue in my Christianity and the Muslim Invasion thread.
I would say money has been a part of our survival struggle. If we had nothing to do, what would we do? We would still try to do something to pass the time. We aren't hunters anymore, neither do we live in an agriculture society. The self-sustain ourselves we must work and get paid and with the money we get paid for we can buy things to improve our survival.

Of course this logic is a little questionable if we would take in computer games, TV, all that in the equation since sitting still for a long amount time is not considered healthy. Nevertheless, since we live in a consumerist society, there must be something with that behavior that makes us feel we improve our own survival.

At least, we can die trying having fun ;)
Have you read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn? Judging by what you have posted I believe you would rather enjoy this author's work a lot; especially Ishmael.


It's a fairly deep philosophical novel, the two main characters are a silver back gorilla, and a man who is struggling to think outside of the box, but doesn't quite get it. Check it out if you are looking for summer reading, its one of my favorite books.
The hyperlink is screwy....if you care to check out the wiki article the last part of the link should look like: /Ishmael_(novel)

You're an atheist; obviously you're intelligent ;) I'm sure you can figure it out.
Interesting concept. Might look it up myself even though I am obviously a non-atheist :P




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