Do you know any good ones? 'Jesus and Mo' is pretty hilarious, and there was this thingy called God-Man and Human-Man, or something like that, but I'm not sure if it still exists.

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Replies to This Discussion is generally skeptical and not specifically atheist, but many of the strips to deal directly with atheism.
Oh thank you so much for this! That site is awesome!!
Nice! I found Cectic a long time ago and I liked it, but then I totally forgot all about it.
I recently found a webcomic called Atheist Eve. I don't think it has its own site, but it runs on the Atheist Community of Austin's site. It's pretty funny, but mostly it's just extremely intelligent.
Other than the ones already mentioned, there's
though there don't seem to have been any new ones since mid-May, but there are some good ones there.

I do the odd comic myself, though it's more a sideline on my blog when I can find the time to do one. Most of my comics (and a few posts that in some way relate to comics) are here.


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