welcome, take a moment to introduce yourselves
we will get the ball rolling on actual topics in a wee bit

i go by msnomer71 on the youtubez but please feel free to call me meredith, i am atheist and a post-modern feminist.
i think this group has a lot of potential.

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The name is Michelle, I'm 35, I have a daughter 15 and a son 7 mos. I have pictures of them somewhere...mostly on Myspace.

I'm busy and stuff, but manage to find the time to come and dink around on the computer. I'm one of those rare women who takes their child to work everyday and I don't work from home. Yeah my office is half day care center half office manager's den.

Anywhoo...I was liberated by my de-conversion after reading the bible in 96. Yep, cover to cover. It made not a lick of sense even though I was an evangelical christian and supposedly had the spirit guiding my understanding. Whatev.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all.
Hi, I'm a chick and I'm a non-theist (I like the term a lot better than atheist).
I look forward to writing more later.
Sorry, I got interrupted on my last post. I am also a mom with 2 young boys, ages 6 and 3. I am very encouraged to see more women, particularly moms. I think men are more prominent in the atheist population for a lot of reasons, but I honestly think that the main one has to do with the (until very recently) complete lack of nontheist extended community groups. Once you have kids, there are soooo many reasons to fall back into a solid, stable community group, regardless of its beliefs. I think there are more female unbelievers out there, but that they take the more pragmatic approach to religious observance and belief in order to help support their families.
I'm the first atheist in my Lutheran family. Turned against all religions and all gods when I was 17. Now 45, daughter 13, live in Helsinki and work as an English teacher.

I'm also a feminist, raised by my father as such (I never lived with my mother, my brothers did, however). He raised me by giving me the same responsibilities and freedom that Finnish parents usually give to boys. I have always felt I was raised differently compared to other girls and only understood it when I had my own daughter.

Anyway, this group sounds fun! Now we're having a 2.5-month summer holiday, and I have time to rattle away online ;-) During terms, I'm terribly busy.
Hi I'm Dawn. Another mom to two small, very busy boys, 5 and 2. For now my job is running around after the small persons while my husband finishes his medical training and that's just fine for me. I like it quite a bit but also realize it's not for everyone.

I joined the group because there aren't enough female atheists and we must start banding together. ;)
My name is Ana, Mexican, I'm working on a Ph.D. in Linguistics, in USA (just my dissertation now). I don't have kids (although I would love to give birth once, that is "dar a luz"). I am feminist, meaning that I believe women should have equal rights and opportunities of development such as those granted to males. I'm lesbian living in a good relationship for 3 years. My family knows about it, and the funny thing is that if they knew I was atheist or non-theist, they would definitely be heart-broken. Well, it is not so funny, but I believe it's the truth.
Hi all,
I'm Jen, professional scientist, skeptic, mother of two (ages 7 and 5), wife of one. I guess I would describe myself as as more of a humanist than a feminist, per se. I reject sexual discrimination along with all forms of discrimination and support equal rights, equal pay for equal work for all race/gender/orientation,etc. I am fortunate enough to work with several wonderful women scientists who share my naturalistic, humanistic inclinations, but so far on Atheist Nexus most of my 'friends' (whatever that even means...) are male, so I'd love to connect with more like-minded women. Cheers!
Hello. I'm a stay-at-home-wife/mom-to-be with our first daughter due in a few weeks. I am American, my husband is Danish, and we live in Denmark. I was raised Methodist, and as with Parallax, it was reading that Bible that cured me of Christianity. It took a few more years of reading other books before I finally decided all the other religions were just are much nonsense.
I'm a non-theist as well. Married, grown children, empty nest, don't mind really. I've been called a feminist more then I've called myself a feminist. Hmm, wonder what that means? My official deconversion from Christianity was about four years ago.
The funny thing about labels is that they rarely mean the same thing to different people!
Wow, what a fantastic idea for a group, Meredith. My name is Shannon, but most call me Shan. I'm Thinkmorepink on Youtube, and I usually post videos about my Atheism with an artistic spin. This group looks awesome, hope to see more people join!
Hi! I have lots of names..My real name is Donell,but most people call me Daci. I'm also called MS. Hat by a gay friend. On You Tube Linux rat (Aka Linuxratty). I'm an artist and me and some friends are getting ready to open an on line art shop. Should be fun.
All the avatars you see here I've designed, as art is my passion.

I'm also a feminist, an atheist and very lesbian.
I'm over 50 and am owned by a house rabbit i got at a shelter.


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