Welcome to new members. Please introduce yourself here. How did you become interested in photography? What sort of equipment do you use? What's your favorite subject? Feel free to relax here and post your photos. My only rule so far is that there will be a separate place to post photos of children and pets because, frankly, they tend to overwhelm. Photographers of all skill levels are welcome and constructive criticism should be part of the game. We should all strive to improve. If you do not care for feedback please add a *No feedback* disclaimer to your photo.

Thank you and have fun!

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Hello all, I just joined this group a few minutes ago, and joined Atheist Nexus a couple of days ago. I'm not a pro photographer, though I have been shooting for my own nefarious purposes for c. 25 years. I do photo retouching professionally, so I work with pro photographers and some very demanding graphic designers. Currently I'm using a Nikon D300--I gave up on using film c. 2001--and primarily do street shooting, and have also shot many theatrical performances and concerts.

I'm as obsessed with photography as I am with atheism and skepticism, and am finally attempting to make more social connections with like-minded people.
I didn't become serious about photography until I bought a stereo camera (3D). I only shoot 3D. My first stereo camera was a 1954 Kodak Stereo. Today I use a synchronized pair of Canon A570is. The cameras are synched using a program called StereoData Maker. It is based on a hacker program that controls some Canon cameras, called Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK).


I do a lot of different types of photography and stereoscopic digital graphics, but this is my main web site:
3D photos of the Burning Man festival.
Heh. The quadraphonics were ever so much better.
Ha, ha,ha. Let me know when you have quadrascopics. :-)

Actually a few cameras could fit that term, like the Nimslo, a four lensed camera for making lenticular 3D prints.
Here's a 4-lens camera I would like.
I just updated my Burning Man 3D site with pictures from this year's festival.

Check it out.

I'm almost embarrassed to have joined this group. I'm a total amateur. I've got a camera, I point, I shoot. I've never taken any courses, I was just one of the people that if I had a camera in my hands and I could get you in my view finder, I'd snap away.

I just joined Nexus this morning and I joined here so that I can enjoy the discussion and learn something.
"I've got a camera, I point, I shoot.I've got a camera, I point, I shoot."

Which is, pretty much, all there is to photography. Just point and shoot a lot.
I'm almost embarrassed to have joined this group. I'm a total amateur. I've got a camera, I point, I shoot.

You and me both. Here's to pointing and shooting! Woo-hoo!
Hi there. Mostly what I do is utility shooting -- pics to support article content, covering events relevant to work, etc. (I'm a commercial artist.) At work I use a Nikon D50, and I have a D40 of my own that I tote with me more or less literally everywhere.

I don't have favorite subjects, which is convenient, since I can never tell from one day to the next what I'll have to be photographing, though I might have a penchant for landscapes and people.
I'm still quite new to photography, I'm just lucky that both of my jobs currently involve taking pictures. My day job is photographing cars for the largest Chevrolet dealership in California and on my evenings/weekends I'm a wedding photographer.

My day job camera is a Nikon Coolpix s6, my play camera is a Nikon s50 and my wedding photography camera is a Canon Rebel XTi. I don't have much of a portfolio at the moment but, what I do have is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jsmithportfolio/
Some nice candids!




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