Welcome to new members. Please introduce yourself here. How did you become interested in photography? What sort of equipment do you use? What's your favorite subject? Feel free to relax here and post your photos. My only rule so far is that there will be a separate place to post photos of children and pets because, frankly, they tend to overwhelm. Photographers of all skill levels are welcome and constructive criticism should be part of the game. We should all strive to improve. If you do not care for feedback please add a *No feedback* disclaimer to your photo.

Thank you and have fun!

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When I have free time, I like to get out the camera gear and try to capture something personally inspiring. I'm fortunate to have some pretty good gear, but I do need to find more free time to use it.

One particular shot I entered at dpchallenge.com did not endear me to many of the christian voters. It was for an "Alternative Medicine" them, and I took a picture of a Woody praying in front of a bible and called it Placebo

I have more of my random photography on anywhere.generic.org.
I love the idea!
I started in photography as I was encouraging my wife to pursue her own interest in photography. I found I had to learn some things in order to buy her an appropriate gift. In doing so and just playing around, I became hooked by that amazing opportunity to capture a piece of beauty. My wife and I use a Nikkon D80 and we love it! Primarily, I like portrait photography, mostly of my wife and four kiddos. Some of my photos can be seen at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nospoon5633/
Hello all! My weapon of choice is my Nikon D80. I've been shooting extensively for about 2 years at this point, and still learn new stuff all the time (as I should). I have been interested in photography for years, and did some work with film in my younger years. I shoot everything digital these days, it offers so much more flexibility. I shoot in a lot of different locations at a lot of different subjects, but I seem to be geared towards nature/landscape the most. Living in an urban area provides plenty of city shots as well, so you'll see a good bit of that as well. You can view some of my work here:


For any equipment junkies, here's what I carry when I go all out.

Nikon D80
Sony DSC-H2 (Backup)
Sigma 28-70mm 2.8
Nikon 50mm 1.8
Nikon 70-300mm 4 G
Nikon 18-55mm VR
SB-600 Flash
+ Tripods, Filters, Batteries, Etc.

Thanks to Kate for creating this group, makes the site that much better!!
Hi all. I'm a total amateur. I think I got my photography bug from my dad who had a darkroom in our basement as a kid (although by then it was being used strictly for storage, I think).

I got my first camera at the age of 9 and was giddy when my dad would let me use his 35mm.

For my birthday last year he got me a Canon Digital Rebel XTi with an extra lens and bag and the works. Best birthday ever. I still haven't really learned to use most of the features on the camera.

I mostly take pictures of my kids. Okay, all I do is take pictures of the kids. But I try to take some that are more interesting--different angles and composition and stuff instead of the regular boring old frontal shots.
Hello! I've always liked taking pictures as far back as I can remember. I just bought a Sony Alpha 300 a couple months ago..I love it. I still use my old Sony Cybershot too. I like to do Nature shots mostly but I do pictures for a lot of local bands too. I just started doing the New York Institute of Photography course...

Thanks for having me!
Amateur here.

I became interested in photography around the same time I took up bird-watching. I used the camera as a tool for capturing shots of birds that I had trouble identifying. So, I could send them out to my other birder friends...and so that I'd have something to look at while perusing my guides.

And it just took off from there.

I carry my camera with me almost everywhere I go.
Eversince I was a little kid browsing through copies of National Geographic, good photos have held me in wonder of the moment in time captured by silver nitrate. The simplicity of use that digital photography finaly come to me last year when I bought a Fuji 'Finepix' S9100 digital SLR. I have piles of photos and slides taken with Pentax and Nikormat 35mm SLRs, but the beuty of being able to take hundreds of photos of one thing, in many differant ways, but only keeping one of them perminantly with out the cost of development, is such a wonderful advancement in photography. Check my modest selection of photos on my profile - http://atheistnexus.org/photo/photo/listForContributor?screenName=2...
Greetings all.

I have been involved with photographay for nearly ever. I recall my uncle teaching me to use a darkroom when I was about 5. He also taught me to use his WWII era Leica. My father had me developing dental negatives from a young age.

I currently run a second-hand Canon 20D with pretty standard stuff. I am trying to regain techniques I lost long ago with my very first "real" camera - a Nikkormat. I have some photos up on http://picasaweb.google.com/jack.chastain (mostly junk, but a few decent ones - a very few)

Finding a local club is nearly impossible, so perhaps this is the next best thing!

I started in Photography about 60 years ago. I entered several local contests and won a prize in each. The last one was in 1957 at the base photo lab in Yokota Japan. It won me a three day pass. I had a slide show of the Cleveland OH flats for the Sohio speakers bureau. I have been dormant since 1985. Now I use a Cannon XTi. I would like to get serious again.
Ive always done photography of and on since i was younger my first camera was an old 35mm Minolta. After that i played around with digital just to find that i hate it. So now i shoot medium format film using a Mamiya C33 TLR. http://www.williamsphotographic.com/c33a.html
I have fallen in love with my twin lens but i wish i could afford a nice Hasselblad. I absolutley love shooting nature but i shoot it all. This is the site of my friends that are teaching me how to shoot you might enjoy it. http://lightwriters.us
Hello, I am Tom.

I became interested in photography when I was in grade school. I took great pride in photos I took with my Kodak 126 Instamatic. At age 12, I looked through an SLR, and saw the accurate framing and focusing - and was hooked. I saved and bought my own SLR system, and built a color darkroom. I went to College for photography. My first "real" job was as an assistant in a food studio, shooting ice cream, pizza, fish, ham, etc. with 8x10 cameras. From there I worked in studios shooting room scenes, large and small products, soft goods, furniture, and industrial. I freelanced for a while in motion film as a best boy, grip, location scout, 3rd asst director, etc. Then I started my own studio in 1988, which has morphed into a graphic design and commercial photography business. I now shoot motorcycle parts, animal feed products, plumbing tools, printer supplies, swim pool decorations, machined non-metallic materials, - basically anything as long as someone is paying. Frequently, I use my own images in magazine ads and catalogs that I produce for clients. Tuesday I was shooting tree nursery employees installing trees, and tomorrow I am shooting a 5lb. tub of goat milk powder. Next week I am shooting some 2009 motocross bikes with custom graphics.

I use Nikon and Fujifilm DSLRs, and have a bunch of lenses for 'em, from 12mm to 400mm, including a shift/tilt lens. I use Speedotron flash lighting in my studio, and Apple computers in my graphic design. I have Canon and Nikon point & shoot digital cameras, a Nikon N80 film SLR and a Canon A1 waterproof film camera.

For fun, as always, I shoot nature, family candids and some sports. Yesterday I shot some pictures of my friends and I during a 14 mile kayak trip (in the rain!).

I am a very active participant on the www.s2pro.com photography forum, and I am the organizer for a local photography club.




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