Did I dream it, or was there very briefly a way to share audio files with the community at large? Because I really thought I had set up the four most recent episodes of my podcast (at that time) in a player that others could click on to hear my show. But now I don't see that feature on display. :(

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Are you looking for peer 2 peer file sharing software? If so I suggest you look at BitTorrent applications.
No, I was looking for a player -- like a musician might use to put his or her own music up for others to hear. I created one from Podcast Pickle and made it my sole blog entry for now, but should I add to the blog, that entry will move out of sight in time.
Yea, it was there Scarcrest. I think it was exchanged for the Member Powered Support Widget.
Ah. I'll check that out and see if it lets me do the same thing. Thanks.
Ah, added the RSS feed to the left-hand column of my profile. That'll work, I guess ... an actual player would have been more likely to get someone to play the show without having to leave this site, though.

(I can see not doing something that would encourage copyright violations, though.)
You could also try imeem.com

It's a sort of social networking site which emphasizes music and other media. You can upload songs and make playlists, which you can embed on your profile or other places. You can check my profile for a playlist of some of my favorite music for example. Actually, let me try embedding a song now, so you don't have to do a lot of clicking:

Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
Thanks to all who answered. I ended up moving the Podcast Pickle player out of my blog and into the "My Widgets" space on my profile. And that'll work just fine.




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