I thought it might be helpful to have a place on Atheist Nexus where members could post examples of anti-atheist bigotry so that other members could take action (e.g., writing letters to the editor, leaving comments for the bigot, complaining to the bigot's employers, etc.). By mobilizing members and utilizing the power of our numbers, we could send a clear message that anti-atheist bigotry is still bigotry and should not be tolerated any more than any other form of bigotry.

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Here is an interesting example of anti-atheist bigotry I just found this morning out of Georgia. The author of this newspaper column asserts that atheists are boring, opposed to having fun, do not enjoy life, are not creative, and have no sense of humor. I left a comment and thought others might want to as well.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Commented!
I wish they'd make up their minds. One minute we're a Satan-worshipping hedonistic cancer on society, the next we're suddenly rather dull and tiresome.
Reverend Phelps of Westboro Baptist - now he is funny! Crazy funny.
Wow... please tell me that website that the newspaper column was posted on is a parody news site like The Onion or something...

But the more you read about this group, it seems like what they're most free of is a sense of humor. There's not a light moment on the agenda.

Oh, gee, he's right! I should really go to church once a week, where everything is so FUN and EXCITING! Give me a break. Believing that you're a pawn on God's chess board sounds a lot less fun than believing that there is no God and that you're responsible for what happens to you.

Maybe they just want to have an excuse to be irresponsible. "God misplaced that piece of paper because he didn't want me to find it!"
I've seen about a million criticisms over the years that atheists have no sense of humour. This one amuses me. It's like theists believe their gods are the punchline in some cosmic joke which we are too dense to get. WTF?
Congrats to vjack at Atheist Revolution and Atheist Nexus.

I am thrilled to see the response to this idiot's ramblings. This, to me, is the first example of who a site like this can have an effect. I suspect many of those commentators came from here or vjack's blog--good job everyone and keep it up! Remember, keep your head and don't sound any dumber than McRae sounds in his piece. I like to think that that's a useless tip, as it would seem that a million McRae's wouldn't add up to the intellect of the dumbest atheist here. ;)
Thanks, Latin. I think you are correct that combating anti-atheist bigotry could be an excellent use for this site. By bringing examples of it to everyone's attention and encouraging folks to speak out, we can put our numbers to use much like other minority groups have been able to do so effectively.
Here is the latest anti-atheist bigotry from the Catholic League's Bill Donahue. It seems that "the Darwinian vision of society" embraced by PZ Myers (and probably most of us) is morally vacuous. I've come to expect nothing less from Donahue, as he never fails to disappoint. Oh, and in case it is not clear why this statement is bigoted, Atheist Ethicist offers a decent explanation.
i think that small things like this (posting comments on an article) can add up to our favor. Some xtians will actually come over to our side, some will be afraid to post due to fear of being swarmed by atheists, some will be more tolerant, and yes, some won't change. I think the small battles are very important. You never know who you will reach when you speak out.
Absolutely. If we really want to end anti-atheist bigotry, I believe that we have a responsibility to educate believers. Many have been taught all sorts of nonsense about atheists. Every little bit we can do to provide them with living counter examples and reality-based education is worthwhile.
Intersting how you can't comment on pages like the Catholic League. What are the scared of?
People like PZ Myers have no problem with comments (and most of those who do support him....)

Makes me think....





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