I thought it might be helpful to have a place on Atheist Nexus where members could post examples of anti-atheist bigotry so that other members could take action (e.g., writing letters to the editor, leaving comments for the bigot, complaining to the bigot's employers, etc.). By mobilizing members and utilizing the power of our numbers, we could send a clear message that anti-atheist bigotry is still bigotry and should not be tolerated any more than any other form of bigotry.

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The Catholic league is afraid of backlash to the garbage they dish out, which is likely why they don't allow comments.
"Commenting on this story has ended"
I wonder why?

I find it rather suspicious that other opinion pieces published on the website before this one still have comments enabled. I wonder if the negative backlash caused this to happen.
Rather illuminating isn't it.
I think we should have a group for this, so that people can send email notifications
I am going to second this suggestion. It would be useful to have a cadre of atheists who can be notified of an example of anti-atheist bigotry, who can then be notifed somehow, and who can (and will) direct comments to that area.
Done. Check out the Atheist Defense Network.




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