Earlier it was brought up that the search feature has lost many of it's parameters. That topic is gone now but I was wondering if this was a permanent change or a hiccup?

Also I noticed that there was a Latest Activity today saying there were new profile questions but I never saw any. Just wondering what that was about.

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Brother Richard said he'd check into the search feature. He said as far as he knows it wasn't a deliberate change. I think we can expect these kind of hiccups in the short term - I'm happy to be patient while they sort things out.

Can't help with the new profile questions thing, I'm sorry.
I will check it out. We did not change the search option. It may have been the Ning network. I am also told that you can search by State by using the "search" at the top right of the page.
True, before you could search members by country but that feature is gone.
There was an error that caused the search feature to become deleted. It is fixed now, but members need to go to their "My Settings" page and fill in the required fields. Also, fill yourself in on the Member Map.

Brother Richard


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