The other day I was speaking to one of my fellow atheists friends, and we were discussing random arguments and claims we've heard fundamentalists use when trying to argue that there is indeed a god. We came up with some of the most asinine reasons we've heard them use. I thought I would share a few "arguments" with you guys, and include your own stories too!

In High School I knew a creationist who actually believed that men had one less rib than women. He would count his ribs to make it look like he had one less rib than I did. I'd count mine, and his, and some how he would claim that I was cheating...even though if you suck in enough you can clearly count your own ribs. I told him he needed to get an x-ray of his chest and then count his ribs.

I had an English teacher my freshman year in High School who claimed that she saw a report about snakes, that at one point in time they had legs, which was proof that the snake in the garden of Eden actually walked around. I can only assume that she saw something about the evolution of snakes and lizards, and took it to another extreme.

I also love when people tell me I'm going to hell b/c I don't believe in god. C'mon...if I don't believe in god....don't you think I probably don't believe in hell either!? (Hades either for that matter! ;) )

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I work in a jail, which as you might guess is chocked full of christians, and they all know that I'm an Atheist. One stopped me one day and went into an example he seemed pretty sure would drop me to my knees in prayer, I know this because he told me it would happen.

It went something like, "Imagine you're in a house, and up in the rafters of this house there are cockroaches crawling all around. You can't see them, but you know they're there and you believe that they exist. Now take Angels, they are above you in heaven, you can't see them, but just like the cockroaches they exist."

For one, this was probably the most idiotic argument ever thrown at me. It was easily shot down, or so you would think, with the old you can see the frickin' cockroaches retort. Secondly, what the hell kind of house was this kid living in before getting arrested? Fortunately inmates can't follow me after I tire of listening to them and walk away, so I left him with the only thing that made as much sense as his argument. "Do angels scatter when you turn the light on?"

Oh, I also didn't drop to my knees, that something you never, ever, nevereverever, do in a jail. :)
"Do angels scatter when you turn the light on?"


Dude, that was awesome! Good for you!
One of my good friends actually believed that women had an additional rib...He's an Atheist, now. He also, "came out" in the other sense, around that time, as well. Needless to say, he's way happier now.
We are all going to burn in someone else's hell.
Well, at least we'll get around and see al lot of different places and meet interesting new people all the time. I suppose there must be at least on hell per religion. That would be an endless tour to see them all..
That should beat being stuck in one place for eternity (sitting on some stupid cloud, in a white dress with wings on my back playing a harp etc... )
Well in the "everyone gets their own hell" scenario...we would have nothing to worry about, good or bad (at least i believe) there is nothing after death. so if I'm good...nothing happens, if I'm bad....NOTHING HAPPENS... take that pascal :)
I was in a heated discussion with a believer. I finally asked her, "Do you believe in god just because you were told to?". She answered in a tone that suggested it should be obvious, "Yes!". I was so aghast I couldn't even think of a reply and simply walked away shaking my head.
Haha great! She openly admitted it but yet refused to believe it herself!
I also like the claim that "i feel like i'm being watched, so there has to be something out there"

I don't think that's such a positive attribute..and that may be a psychological issue...
I would rather guess it has got something to do with your senses rather than psychology. It's the same when I see dolls supposed to look like humans. When I see them in the corner of the eye, I perceive them as humans but I see they don't move so something is wrong, then I realize it's a doll. I think it's a little of the same thing, except something else triggered the feeling in this case. Ofc, it can be loosely related to psychology, but I am not sure how it can be explained we get the feeling in the first place.

Well, I am pretty sure what you say has got something to do with perception as well.
Fundies Say the Darndest Things is one of my favorite sites on the net. There are some real gems in the top 100.
When I was a kid my sunday school teacher explained to me that personal prayer is preferred by god. I then asked her what the purpose of saying grace before meals is since that is usually a group effort. She said that grace allows god to bless the food and remove toxins from it that would otherwise be harmful. Several days later I decided to make chocolate milk, but the milk in my refrigerator was pretty sour. Naivete abound, I said a prayer so god would make the milk safe to drink, and then proceeded to consume it. Needless to say I became very ill. After this I still believed in god (for a while), but I never said grace again.


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