The other day I was speaking to one of my fellow atheists friends, and we were discussing random arguments and claims we've heard fundamentalists use when trying to argue that there is indeed a god. We came up with some of the most asinine reasons we've heard them use. I thought I would share a few "arguments" with you guys, and include your own stories too!

In High School I knew a creationist who actually believed that men had one less rib than women. He would count his ribs to make it look like he had one less rib than I did. I'd count mine, and his, and some how he would claim that I was cheating...even though if you suck in enough you can clearly count your own ribs. I told him he needed to get an x-ray of his chest and then count his ribs.

I had an English teacher my freshman year in High School who claimed that she saw a report about snakes, that at one point in time they had legs, which was proof that the snake in the garden of Eden actually walked around. I can only assume that she saw something about the evolution of snakes and lizards, and took it to another extreme.

I also love when people tell me I'm going to hell b/c I don't believe in god. C'mon...if I don't believe in god....don't you think I probably don't believe in hell either!? (Hades either for that matter! ;) )

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Had a friend of mine tell me that dinosaurs were around when Jesus was alive.
Somtimes I read stuff and have to ask myself: Are these fundies or is this the product of a comic who is just being funny at the expense of fundies?
and example I found today:

Now realy.... Not even a fundy can be so stupid that this is for real? Its just some bloke being funny? PLEASE !!!

(and theres tons more all over the net...)
Thank God.... ;-)
though its not far from "normal" fundy talk....
Sadly though, many of the rest are not parodies. Sites like AiG often read like one, but they are completely, totally serious.
I found this to be an entertaining article, titled "UFO's, Aliens, and Christianity":
Some highlights;

"Then, how do we explain aliens if they are for real? The Bible teaches that Satan and his demons (the fallen angels) can take on take all sorts of shapes and perform all sorts of miracles in order to deceive mankind. In fact, some who have been claimed to be abducted by aliens say that these aliens have told them things that undermine the truth of the Christian Scriptures and the Person and work of Jesus Christ."
That explains everything. I wonder if Mulder and Scully know about this...?

"All other religions, no matter how different they may be from each other, teach basically the same thing, that man can save himself through his own good deeds. The Christian Gospel, however, teaches that man is completely fallen and can never be good enough to earn salvation, indeed cannot even be spiritually good at all in God's eyes apart from Christ."
Truly uplifting.

"The uniqueness of the Christian Gospel shows that it could not have originated from fallen man or aliens. To Christ be all the victory!"
Now how could anyone refute such logic?
I play the bass, during college I was still (mostly) christian. Just not a fan of religion. I got a gig playing for a seminar (they actually paid people to go) about bible study put on by an evangelical group. The people I actually played with were super cool, but they were of the young earth creationist/dinosaurs walked with people variety.... I didnt say anything (part because i liked playing and part because they were paying me) but I think if knew then what I know know....I would have been worth getting kicked out for "just the right questions"
I've actually been accused on e-mail of secretly believing in a god because when I was referencing Yahweh, I spelled "God" with a capital G. Apparently, I also must believe in Darth Vader, Spider Man, Bruce Wayne and Charlie the Unicorn.




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