So October 3rd is the release date for Bill Maher's movie, "Religulous" (he wanted it to be released on Easter), in which he examines and pokes fun at the world's religions. I was curious as to what everyone here thinks in regards to the positive/negative attention the movie will bring, your own excitement/lack thereof toward the movie, speculation about controversy and box office numbers...

Personally, I'm cautiously optimistic. On the one hand, I'm glad that a movie is being made that tackles these issues, but on the other hand, I'm not expecting the media to be kind to this flick.

Oh, and here's a clip.


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Well, kids of today are visually stimulated. If someone comes over to our side because of a movie, that's great. I really don't care what the media thinks. The truth will always be the truth, and fiction will always be fiction. The truth is that there aren't any xtian explanations that can debunk a scientific discovery/theory/etc., but there are MANY scientific discoveries that debunk what's in the bible. So, however the information can get out to the masses, i'm for it. Also, i think i will enjoy it, i'm sure. It will give me a little boost. Can't wait. Let's come back to this thread and post our opinions after seeing it.
It's like the boycott for the Golden Compass, except it turned out very little had to do with Christianity which is sad, since it seems they had to remove the more antichristian parts from the book.
Saw the trailer now since I am home from work finally and I loved it :) The comments further down are hilarious too! The first one was a Christian XD
I just came in here to post about this movie.
Here is another link

I expect HUGE protests over this movie and quite a bit of unintentional comedy.
Ooooh, I fully intend to see this. I'm a fan of Maher's humor-style.

Who knows? He may have an approach (or three) that I can use, too.

But, I don't expect it to actually change anyone's minds..... that usually requires thought.
It will be interesting to compare the financial success (or lack there of) to that of the Ben Stein movie “EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed”
After all, The Stein movie seems to have been an absolute non event (thank God....). So, it shouldn't be difficult to beat.
Depends which country you are speaking of maybe. The impression I get of USA is BAD. Europe seems fine but we are suffering the Muslim invasion instead.
I can't wait Chip. I hope all hell breaks lose! The 700 Club will be working overtime.
The more controversial, the more attention and attention is always good, regardless if it's good or bad attention. I am pretty sure the reason why many movies with controversial subjects became as popular as they are is because they got a lot of attention. If it's controversial more people will see it, and he major world religions must be criticized more openly. I don't 100% agree that the way to criticize is through mocking, but maybe that's the only thing which will work and make people react.
I know how you feel--my parents were the same way, with the hypocritical combination of "you're free to..." and the obvious indications that they think you'll grow out of it if they are what they consider supportive. It took my mom ten years to stop trying to pull me out of my "rebellion of youth phase" and realize I was completely serious--as well as more well-read on the subject!

Saw the previews and they look AWESOME!!!! I am totally going to this, and have invited my dad and my brother to join me (vague "something"-ists, but very sympathetic to non-belief). I may also see if a couple of friends might want to go, but one of them has a habit of flaking so I don't know. I just hope I can find a theater that will show it, since I kind of live out in the country. Perhaps I'll start looking now.




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