DVDs4Delegates.com needs your donation please!

DieHard Ron Paul supporters, who realize that only he would address certain crucial problems such as the unauthorized Federal Reserve System which has caused the inflation of the US Dollar since its inception in 1913, have created videos on DVDs to distribute to as many Republican delegates as possible in the hope that they will be persuaded that Ron Paul is a superior candidate for president and will cast their deciding ballot for him rather than McCain.

If you would like to support this project please click on Donate at www.dvds4delegates.com and give as generously as you can afford.

Ron Paul is the only strict Constitutionalist who has stood alone against the entire Congress rather than vote for a program not authorized in the Constitution. The Constitution is being ignored. See www.givemeliberty.org for seven petitions asking for government to Admit or Deny for example, that they invaded a foreign sovereign state without a formal Congressional declaration of war, that only gold and silver coin was to be legal tender, not paper, etc

I am an atheist, naturalist, humanist, pro choice, Objectivist, evolutionist, Darwinian, radical for Capitalism, laissezfaire, freemarket, scientist, free thinker .

Our government has lost its way. Donate to wwwDVDs4Delegates.com project in order to restore our Constitutional Republic. The DVDs will be uploaded to youtube.com once they are distributed for all to see!

First DVD is going to be sent out within the next two weeks. A second DVD is in the works. This approach worked well in Alaska where almost half the delegates voted in are for Ron Paul using a DVD to enlighten.

If you go to www.dvds4delegates.com you will see a video made by
G. Edward Griffin, author of "The Creature from Jekyll Island", with an impassioned plea to support this project.

Join with us!

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So glad to see another one of us "crazies" on here.
Hi Parallax,
Just to let you know that I saw your post and appreciate you are one of us.

I am in the process of helping to prepare to send out the newly created and hopefully sufficiently persuasive DVDs for the project.

Care to help in some way? www.DVDs4Delegates.com


bwahaha, ron paul doesn't agree with the theory of evolution and his "we the people" act would undo our first ammendment. if you think atheists have it tough now try not having the ability to have any rights.
*shakes head and walks off*
What do you mean it would undo the 1st ammendment? Care to elaborate?

Aaaaand just because he doesn't agree with evolution doesn't mean he would force the school systems to teach intelligent design to your children. He does believe in separation of church and state and rights beginning at the individual.
the we the people act would forbid the federal courts (including the supreme court) from hearing cases on things like religious text and imagery on government property, in public schools, in curriculum, etc unless the attorney can provide it is in direct violational of consitutional law which is nearly impossible with cases of religious discrimination and freedom to not practice under the rights and regulations of atheism

aaaaaaaaaaaannnd state court ruling would overturn existing law so evangelical ridden areas would be able to pass things along by majority vote...
I did not know that. Thanks, I'll look into it for myself it doesn't sound characteristic.
What is a Ron Paul? Do they make good pets?
Are you serious or just bein' adorable?

After looking into this a bit, it seems the act is trying to give those major decisions back to each state.  I think he's trying to get the federal government out of those decisions because it doesn't belong there.  That's just inviting unwanted changes to the constitution.  I know he's a states rights advocate, so that makes sense.  Not saying I'm totally understanding the implications, just that it kinda goes in place with what he says about states rights.  I'm going to look into this some more...

Sorry, Ron Paul …and Objectivism are not that much better for the USA than the Dominionist Christians. I find both to suffer from "batshit crazy".

I am just scared of ALL repuglicans....


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