A lot of people argue that agnosticism is the only logically sound and infallible religious choice, since 'we cannot ever really know if God exists or not.'

Directly relating to this is some theists' belief that we must be just as irrational as they are because we too do not have solid evidence for our beliefs.

I also recently heard the phrase 'agnostic in theory, atheist in practice.'

What say you guys?

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I guess I have to take some time to clarify for the people who are intent on dragging any argument down to the level of semantics,

Semantics are important.

so I'll just define god as "any supernatural entity, generally responsible for creation of reality/life, defining human morality, and/or presiding over the afterlife."

Clearly such a definition is flawed, and you have missed my point. Agnosticism is only illogical insofar as it is defined to be incoherent, as in your given definition. As I said, there are coherent definitions.

Again with the semantics. Please get over my word choice.

If you didn't mean what you said, then please say what you meant. As I said, semantics are important - especially when your poor use of semantics interferes with effective communication.

Ridiculous claims shouldn't stand, especially when the people making them are so absurdly intent on avoiding any attempt to engage in a rational discourse in defense of their beliefs.

You're too focused on the example at hand to see my point. If you can't prove something one way or another, it is not logical to form a belief one way or the other. You're dismissing the point out of hand because of who you generally hear it from (religious folk), which is nothing more than bias.

Hmm a claim that conspicuously lacks any evidence to support it.

Indeed. I left the googling, which would take a matter of seconds, up to you. Instead of checking for yourself, you chose to reject the claim out of hand. You really ought to take a course or read a book on logic.

I can almost guarantee you'll win some philosophical award.

On the contrary. If you bothered to ask a logician, you'd find none will tell you you can't prove a negative.
I'd probably consider myself Agnostic, actually.... While I believe (and hope) that the typical Bible God does not exist, because he's a "meanie poo-poo-head" ... there are a lot of mysteries in the world, and in the end there could be some rhyme or reason to existing, or there could not, either way I'm going to live my life, right?

But mostly (and I have seen some comments suggesting this), I'm just not convinced enough in the direction of Atheism to really call myself one. Someday that may change, but no need to rush these things, eh?
Too true, there's no hurry at all for you to "commit" to atheism, and no pressure to either. It seems to me that your attitude is, "If their is a god, he/she can hardly condemn me for just trying to live my life and be a good person, regardless of my belief or non-belief." I think that's a healthy and mature way to be.

What has always befuddled me about many true believers most is that they think their god is so small, weak, and insecure that he desperately needs incessant world-wide adoration in order to feel good about himself. So long as you try to be a good person, and don't waste my time telling me what's best for me, I don't care what you believe.
In the past a lot of mysteries in the world were explained by the super natural until the mystery was explained by science as a natural cause. Today there are many mysteries but they too will eventually be explained as a natural cause. I think it is limiting and simplistic to explain something we can not understand as supernatural or coming from god. Scientific ideas have provided great advancements in the world (mostly good ones) but belief in any supernatural beings has held us back from advancing.




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