So I just revisited the site and all the other subsites included, I know this is old news for most atheists and the activists for freedom of thought, I just wonder though, how people can buy that crap. Most of his arguments are not only incorrect (he stated that English is the main language in Europe for example, as in thinking Europe is actually a country on its own...) but he ONLY quotes OT as I know, and cherrypicks other quotes for his purposes which are very often taken out of context.

Yeah, I wanted to rant, I dunno why i decided to look up that site again since it obviously pisses me off so much. At least I know why I believe in what I believe in, to fight people like him to take over the world. Imagine if he was voted for American president... scary thought.


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He is probably by far one of the most famous people out there, mostly thanks to his sites. I never said it was new, more wanted to rant off since I visited the site and got pissed off, and then just wanted to round off by saying, this is what we don't want to to happen, or in no way allow it to.

Since he is a reverend he also obviously has some kind of power, luckily enough, even most other Christians rejects him but would he become more general and actually start to expand his cult, sect or whatever he is having, then I guess he could be actually considered quite dangerous. Atm he is more a nuisance but should nevertheless never be shrugged off.
True, when it comes to interpretation, it's a tricky subject. And every interpreter believes theirs to be true, hence there being different sects within religion as well, and even more conflicts within those sects.
Considering the fact some people actually seriously support him...
Well, on the old site there was this huge forum and I guess you understand people flamed him a lot. A lot of other Christians also posted there too in regards of the hatefulness. I am quite sure the site is serious, I have never seen any proof to think otherwise. The site has existed for years, at some point you would expect to see any kind of information that it all was a joke.
Home Page

This is by the same people, and if you watch some of the sign movies - they have to be fake.
God Sent the Shooter
Thank God for 10.9 Million

There is no friggin way these people can be serious.
They have had it for a long time, I have never seen anything from those people which can be seen as unserious. That guy actually condemn whole countries after all.
hm...I love the profiles he makes on the countries...considering that he probably never left Alabama (or what ever state he lives in the Bible belt)...sometimes it seems that he didn't even go to Wikipedia to check some basic facts about some countries////////////
PS. God Hates the World???very nice promotion of Lord's love, considering the fact that many atheists are labeled as "misanthropes" by so call godly preachers
Heh, its real -


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It is real, and he is a reverend and people obviously believe and follow him. It's hard to know whether you should laugh or cry over the matter.
Thats a no brainer. Laugh. The best way to discredit these types of lunatics is to let them speak freely.




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